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Free short stories from David Brookes!

About a year ago I chose to give up writing genre fiction, which I’d been writing since I was 13, and focus on what I considered more ‘literary’ fiction. 257 more words


Things I Thought About Before I Watched 'Shakespeare Lives!'

This year, the world is going Shakespeare-mad. Or, at least, that’s what British tourism companies and theatre troupes the world over are hoping as we mark four hundred years since the Bard shuffled off this mortal coil, and about four hundred and fifteen years since he wrote the phrase “shuffled off this moral coil”. 1,117 more words

Books And Reading

Men We Reaped

“Black lives matter!” I used to think this statement was rather narrow in its focus within humanity and on a few occasions even replaced it with, “All lives matter” not understanding that I was completely missing the point.   638 more words

Books And Reading

Thoughts on finishing series I do not love

I saw the question about finishing series you do not love over at Cornerfolds.

I have no problem dropping books I do not enjoy. Life is too short and there are too many good books out there to waste time reading something you do not like or enjoy. 357 more words

La Vie: Or pardon my French homeschooling.

I was reading a French book last week.

It doesn’t matter which one.

It’s really not relevant and will only distract from my point.

OK. 830 more words


Long Live the KING

Way back in my third year in high school – which already feels like nearly a lifetime ago – I read my first Stephen King book,  378 more words


level up: a geek romance rom com by cathy yardley.

Tessa Rodriguez is an introvert, and a bit of a geek, and is one of the few women working at a gaming company with her roommate Adam. 467 more words

Books And Reading