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Thoughts on Outlander season 2 Finale

Before I take the somewhat risky journey back into the often volatile world of Outlander, I just want to share a few other thoughts and update you on my absence. 3,030 more words

Books And Reviews

Book Review: Bella Grace

Sidebar: Okay, so this “book” review is actually for a magazine, but, this magazine reads, looks, and feels like a book, therefore, it is a book for all intents and purposes and I will refer to it as such :) 563 more words


10 Poetry books to read. (The Hibiscus Set)

Sup guys, Karl C. Prince here once again to give you free previews of awesome books to read if you like good quality poetry.

As you know, I’ve been giving you a bunch of books from this amazing saga that is the Hibiscus Set, written by the awesome poet, although not yet well known, Júlio C. 694 more words


Scars of darkness

Heavy. Cursed. Wicked feelings
turned into memories,
hatred, powerlessness of will,
scars that will décor our souls
stained tattoos that our eyes carry
hopes that we dare not to use, 57 more words


It's easy

Hey guys, Karl C. Prince here and very nice to have you wandering around our blog. As our last post of today, I will leave you with more poetry, and this time is with this lovely, sad and very touching poem by the creator of Love Thought Poetry. 321 more words


New book release!

The blog Love Thought Poetry is uttermost proud to announce the release of the book Poems of Sanity, as promised two days back. The 11th poetry book released this year by Júlio C. 130 more words


MJ -Poetry to Make You Think

I read, a lot, all genres, formats, narrative POVs. Some say I eat books for breakfast. I write, this that and the other thing, but mostly poetry. 485 more words