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Steps taken towards nothing

It’s ok to be sad,

when only nothing is left.

It’s ok to feel bad,

for something now gone.


To be down

when pain lies on its wake… 209 more words



Surprise surprise

We cared once

and got fucked in the ass.

Oh, what a pleasant gift

to be ignored by thine’s heart.

This sweet world so called… 121 more words


Bonus poem of the day

The stranger


A drunken fool,

called wise by those

who didn’t know the genesis

of his words

that were with grief and sorrow full.


A lunatic, 105 more words


Deep quotes by Queens of the stone age

Ok guys. We all love quotes, or at least from time to time. They teach us life lessons and explain us things that we lived through, and therefore today I will give you the set of deepest quotes that one can hear in his life. 681 more words


A man (#poem)

A man.

Broken, that smiles

even after every tear

that shouldn’t have been shed,

times that shouldn’t have been wasted.


Those words, so cruel.

The cowardliness… … 199 more words



Readers and writers, sorry for being out so long, but I’m back to give you two awesome books that promise the shit out of themselves, the first: Lights and shadows: the guardians of ascension, by Makiesse Dia Balala-  … 134 more words


Book Review: Solo in Singapore by Tanushree Podder

What is the first thing you feel like doing after a break-up? Party like there’s no tomorrow or go a dramatic haircut? Well, Munmun Menon, a journalist, takes it one step further. 348 more words

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