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Book Intro: The Princess Diaries, by Meg Cabot

Okay okay… There’s nothing more ‘young adult’ than The Princess Diaries! Yet I truly couldn’t help it, you can’t beat a yard sale deal of two books for $0.25! 129 more words


Book Review: The Ladies' Room, by Carolyn Brown

I really enjoyed this book, truly I did, and I’m just going to let my review do the talking for me. Sorry if there are some spoilers! 537 more words


My heart is swooning, Southern charm is so sweet...

Now I hope my fiancé doesn’t take that one the wrong way, but this next section in The Ladies’ Room sure made my heart swoon. 433 more words


Pile it on thick why don't you!

I felt that way almost immediately during the beginning of The Ladies’ Room. It was almost like twenty years of misfortunes had landed in the main characters lap before even dinner could arrive. 496 more words


My Week in Links

I’ve been going through a burnout of sorts. All creative people deal with block at some point or another. I’ve found that mine usually happens when I’m especially stressed or worried about something, which has been the case for a few months now. 297 more words

Books And Reviews

Book Intro: The Ladies' Room, by Carolyn Brown

This was a book that came across me through a suggestion via Amazon, at first I wasn’t even positive I’d like it… I had dismissed this book for quite some time, and yet for some reason I still remembered it and I couldn’t help but wonder if I should read it. 355 more words


Pleasant surprises abound! 

Hello lovelies! I’ve got my craft room back in working order, or at least the majority of it is in working order. I plan on posting home renovation tidbits in some section of my blog soon, especially in regards to color palettes. 290 more words