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As if

All of it abandoned
as if forgotten
as if completely left behind.
Tormented in dreams denied once awake,
dressed smiles on one’s face
for the memories that never fade. 69 more words

Books And Reviews.

Veiled Intent: Dissenting Women’s Aesthetic Approach to Biblical Interpretation — The 18th-Century Common

Eighteenth-century dissenting women writers: on biblical interpretation and the politics of representation. 

In the long eighteenth century, attitudes towards a woman lifting her voice within the religious public sphere varied denominationally.

49 more words

Ode to Sore Eyes? OR No More Tears (literally)

As an affiliate publisher, I need a computer for work. I soon realized that my eyes began to hurt as I was suffering from severely dry eyes. 677 more words

Books And Reviews

One worded smile

One worded smile
capitalised blink of an eye,
intentions hidden,
of the ones sore
broken to pieces and then to ash,
for they can take it no more, 26 more words

Books And Reviews.

Apologies of the regretless one

I say sorry for being myself
although I regret it not,
but because tears were taken
from the pockets of your eyes wealth.

The best I could, I did… 126 more words

Books And Reviews.

Raging sea

Disguised in snow
buried frozen cold,
with eyes that glare
waiting for a soul to flare.

Moving, around
torn and broken down,
waiting for a message of hope… 109 more words

Books And Reviews.

Let me be wrong

Should I forget your face
your soul,
your grace
and let your helpless tears roll?

Should I stand and suffer once again
for thee
who lets go of care for pain? 122 more words

Books And Reviews.