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Superhero films have seen such a rise in popularity over the past few years and with so many new and exciting films to see in 2018 it’s hard not to feel spoilt for choice! 118 more words

Books, Books, Books

My 38 Book Journey in 2017 - Answers to your Questions & Stats

My Goodreads goal for 2017 was to read 40 books. Unfortunately, since I kinda sorta planned a wedding last year, I was a tad distracted. But I went into crazy overdrive the last week of the year, and got to 38. 1,111 more words

Progress Update

Have a clear out and help beat poverty

The beginning of a New Year is a fantastic time to have a good clear out.  Filled with the enthusiasm a New Year can bring, it can be very uplifting to rid yourself of things which you have maybe hung on to for longer than necessary. 280 more words

Books, Books, Books

Finn McSpool's Book-Shopping-Rabble-Rousing Outing

What happens when you try to take a monster on a nice outing to shop for some new reading material at Portland’s Powells Books? It turns into him being declared leader of a very, VERY strange mob. 665 more words


Love, The Message of Christmas and A Point to Self: Love Myself and All My Flaws and Imperfections.

P/s: This was drafted on Christmas day and I forgot to publish. The message though I think still stands. Lol

It’s Christmas day. Merry Christmas. Not so merry at home as one of my fav people is a bit under the weather and so her day will be largely spent in the hospital, but we can still be happy that Christ was born so that we could be saved and have an abundant life. 835 more words


Reading Goals... what works for me

Ok, I love reading.  That is something I think you already know about me.  I read 48 books in 2017.  My goal for 2017 was to read 40 books.  831 more words


Focusing on the Eternal

For the fast few years I have read the Bible through in a year.  I have chosen a different translation each year and I have done both reading and listening to it out loud from my Nook.  220 more words