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On Today’s Bookshelf XXV

The time since my last On Today’s Bookshelf post (On Today’s Bookshelf XXIV) has resulted in some interesting acquisitions for my library. Here is a list of… 603 more words

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On Today's Bookshelf XXIV

Books are not only my working life, they are my relaxation life, too. The beauty of books is that they can increase your knowledge as well as transport you to places and times of interest.  454 more words


Barnes & Noble: Years Later & Still No Clue

As long-time readers of An American Editor know, I prefer to purchase my books at Barnes & Noble (B&N), largely so as to keep a competitor to Amazon alive. 1,317 more words

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'Eppure, me l'avevano detto!', finalmente l'ho letto! #bookreview

Alla fine ce l’ho fatta a ricavarmi del tempo per leggere questo interessantissimo ebook! Se è vero che all’inizio mi aspettavo qualcosa di diverso, allo stesso tempo è stata  una piacevole sorpresa (all’inizio mi sono scaricata il sample e poi ho comprato il tutto). 330 more words

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Because I love Folk Medicine...

…And there is no such thing as too much knowledge. Especially since we live in a toxic world, constantly bombarded with substances our bodies didn’t evolve to deal with, and certainly not on a daily basis… 36 more words

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Eppure, me l'avevano detto!

Dedico il primo articolo del 2016 alla blogger Roberta Castelli, del blog “Se anche il ragionier Ugo espatria! (http://asaperloprima.altervista.org/) che alla fine del 2015 ha pubblicato l’ebook “Eppure, me l’avevano detto!”, la sua prima prova letteraria e già molto ben recensita al momento :) 32 more words

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The OVER-60s read better on tablet

There are researches that underline obvious facts and others that reach targets not even hypothesized at first, researches that change our perspective confirming and overcoming some of our prejudices. 963 more words