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On Today's Bookshelf (XXI)

My acquisition of new titles to read never ends. I keep thinking I need to stop and put the money I spend on books into my retirement account. 774 more words


Worth Noting: Meet New Authors at Smashwords Sale

Through March 7, Smashwords, the publisher/distributor of indie authors, is having a Read an eBook Week sale. Through this sale, you can buy ebooks for as little as “free” (using the RW100 coupon). 172 more words

Books & EBooks

Changing Formats: From Scroll to Codex to eBooks

Changing Formats: From Scroll to Codex to eBooks

by Jack Lyon

Electronic reading devices abound. There’s the Kindle, the Nook, the Kobo, and many, many more. 1,157 more words

Books & EBooks

let’s be honest, a good book is like a close friend, a wise mentor and an inspiring teacher

I know, this is kind of weird but… my very best friends are books.

And I have very simple reasons for that.

Books are magical, and they are alive – did you know that? 738 more words

The Vibes Of Progress

Metaphor, Me To The Floor Searching For A Metaphor

Where is it? Which one should I use? How can I put this metaphor that I thought of in a poem and make it all work. 361 more words

Jennifer Vensel

Anaphora, Anaphora, Anaphora, and Anaphora

Anaphora, what a great word to begin with four syllables and a sound that rolls off the voice box with zest and adventure.

So what does it mean,well as simple as repeating the same word in the beginning of each line in a poem. 282 more words

Jennifer Vensel

On Today's Bookshelf (XIX)

In only a few weeks, it will be gift-giving time again. High on my list of gifts to give and to receive are, of course, books. 814 more words