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maybe this will help...

it’s not even six on the big-faced clock that hangs above the kitchen door, just beside the cookstove. it’s pitch black outside. i couldn’t sleep. again. 1,515 more words


books for the soul: just in time

i often turn to poets and prophets when my heart feels like it’s leaking sadness, and so this latest roundup of books for the soul is an apt offering this fine november morning. 986 more words

Books For The Soul

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The internet has managed to completely change the way we lead our lives these days. The way we talk to our friends and relatives, the way we advertise our business, the way we purchase various items, everything has been completely transformed due to the internet. 476 more words

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reading for work

some days, my workday unfolds like this: i wander over to the books in my stack that teeters as it rises toward the ceiling. i pull out the one that tempts the most. 1,050 more words

Paying Attention

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Books are not just a source of information and knowledge, but a good book can also be inspiring and a great guide for leading a fulfilling life. 525 more words

redlining: when words queue up in the wings

a peek at the cover…

it’s those two little eggs. they’re what bring me to tears. well, that and the fact that i’ve not slept too much this whole last week. 992 more words


road trip reads

any minute now, we’re piling in the red wagon and pointing it south, straight to louisville, kentucky, the state of grace in which i was born. 1,405 more words

Books For The Soul