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Happy Birthday Laura Ingalls Wilder

An imaginary conversation with Laura Ingalls Wilder in honor of her birthday

 February 7, 1867-February 10, 1957

 Laura Ingalls Wilder rocks my world as an author. 1,679 more words


I really should stop procrastinating and watch The Revenant already.  On a darker note,as of January 1st 2016 I quit drinking. Not that I overdid the whole alcohol thing, I just figured it would be nice to be more aware of the things I’m putting in my body.   113 more words

General Interest


Diving into this tonight at the suggestion of a friend.

The only problem with me reading this book is now I know I will need to do this. 347 more words


Only the van was wrecked

I went to a local women’s conference last August and met Trillia Newbell, author of the book Fear and Faith. I was excited to buy this book, because I tend to be a very fearful person, plagued by worry even though I know God is in control and worthy of my trust. 1,580 more words

Making Belief Practical

the one where i'm thinking about discipleship

i’ll just warn you … it’s monday, and my pastor preached a good one yesterday. which got me thinking some thinks (which we all know is dangerous and leads to another rambling blog post). 1,664 more words

A very bookish New Year

As January gets into swing and we’re all readjusted to the demands of the school and work week, I thought it would be nice to take a moment to reflect on some of what was awesome about the holidays, and the good feelings, things, and ideas that I’m carrying into the new year. 330 more words