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Books We're Reading: What We Leave Behind with Romeo and Juliet

“Some shall be pardoned, and some punishèd. / For never was there a story of more woe / Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.” – William Shakespeare,

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Review: The Breathless Series by Maya Banks

For the first time, I am reviewing three books in one.

It was a much better idea than reviewing them separately; not only because they are three different stories (and I wouldn’t recommend reading them out of order), they are fully interconnected, and after reading the story of one friend, you automatically want to know how the other one found their soul mate. 394 more words


Book Review: 'Now or Never'- Alexi Panos & Preston Smiles

‘Now or Never: Your Epic Life in 5 Steps’ is a book designed as a self-help manual to get the reader back on track to maximising their potential and achieving their best.   184 more words

Books I'm Reading

Book review: 'Scrappy Little Nobody' - Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick’s “Scrappy Little Nobody” is a fun book of short chapters on Kendrick’s life in and outside the spotlight.  Humorous and witty stories of struggles and joys faced by this performer on her way up in the industry make for a very enjoyable read. 171 more words


Books We're Reading: Two Feathers Fallen, with Romeo and Juliet

“O Tybalt, Tybalt, the best friend I had! / O courteous Tybalt, honest gentleman, / That ever I should live to see thee dead!” – William Shakespeare,

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Book review: 'God is Good' - Bill Johnson

“The statement ‘God is good’ is so much more than a catchy Christian slogan.  It’s more than a theological statement.  The love of God, the nature of God, and the character of God are all completely and entirely good.   497 more words


Books We're Reading: Letter to Romeo from Mercutio

“What care I / What curious eye doth cote deformities? / Here are the beetle brows shall blush for me.” – William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet…

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