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What's On Your Nightstand, June 2015

Every month the bloggers over at 5 Minutes For Books do a post where they summarise what books they’ve started reading. I also saw fellow blogger, Barbara over at… 354 more words

5 Minutes For Books

Stand Your Ground #Race #Politics #Justice #NewRelease

In light of recent racial terrorism (because say what you will, that’s what the Charleston massacre was all about), it seems fitting that I should help spread the word about this captivating novel that seeks to help start the conversation about race, prejudice and laws (or lack thereof) that make up the current American culture. 662 more words

Faith Simone


My Perception Blindness

We experience far less of our reality than we think we do.

                                               Christopher Chabris and Daniel Simons

You and I have a perceptual blindness of reality. 404 more words

Books I'm Reading


And The Wisdom Of Maybe

Doubt is the act of challenging our beliefs. Katherine Schulz

One of my favorite authors, Katherine Schulz, in her 2010 book Being Wrong, reports that most children grow up living in a black and white, yes and no world until about age five, when they learn the word maybe. 374 more words

Books I'm Reading

Church History: The Beginning of Baptists

The recent release of Baptists in America: A History, by Baylor University faculty Thomas S. Kidd and Barry Hankins, landed on my desk this past week. 605 more words


Hotel Arcadia | Book Review

Sam, a war photographer infamous for her curious photographs of the dead, checks into Hotel Arcadia after an assignment to wind down, only for the war to turn the tables and come to her instead. 858 more words

Books I'm Reading

What I'm Reading Wednesday

EPIC FAIL /o\ It has been OVER A MONTH AGAIN *sigh*. I honestly intended to post last week but RL got the better of me. With baseball coming to a close, school coming to a close, and a move looming ever closer, not to mention deadlines /o\, I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off /o\ … 1,402 more words

Books I'm Reading