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Every Day Should Be Sundae

Not everything I read is in my favorite genre, historical fiction. Last week, while checking out a patron at the library, I happened upon a wonderful book called… 235 more words

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The Homesman - Movie Review

One of the best movies I have seen in a long time is The Homesman, directed by Tommy Lee Jones. Mr. Jones stars as George Briggs, a claim jumper saved by pious spinster, Mary Bee Cuddy, played by Hilary Swank. 346 more words


Anime Challenge: Day 30

Day 30: An anime you wish never ended:

Hm, none. I’d rather have an anime end while it’s still good than have it go on and on and become a bore. 65 more words


Anime Challenge: Day 29

Day 29: Favorite Pokemon(s)

I’m more of a Digimon girl, sorry. Fave character from Digimon is Sora and fave Digimon is Angewomon.


Day 26: Favorite Male voice

Levi from Shingeki no Kyojin

I’ve never watched SnK (sacrilege, I know. But I’m still not prepared to invest my emotions just yet) but I’ve watched snippets on Youtube. 33 more words


Day 25: Favorite Female voice

Naru from Barakamon. So cute a voice! I rewatch Barakamon just to hear her voice. Fave lines of hers: when she’s explaining swimming with a bloated T-shirt.


Day 24: Favorite Hero/Heroine

Suzume Yosano from Hirunaka no Ryuusei