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Movie: San Andreas

San Andreas on IMDB

I don’t like men with too big muscles. It looks so unnatural and sometimes also unhealthy to me, blah. But there are few exceptions. 452 more words

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Book: Richard K. Morgan -Altered Carbon

This book was very interesting for me. The more that I was reading it in a hospital :D It is sci-fi and the story is set in the future where human personalities can be stored digitally for example after death, as an punishment etc. 301 more words

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Movie: When a man loves a woman

When a man loves a woman on IMDB

Today I watched the movie again after many years. And I cried. A lot. Basically the story is about a woman Alice Green who seems to have everything – loving husband Michael, two beautiful little daughters Jess and Casey, good job, name it…but in fact she is an alcoholic and the movie is about her fight with this addiction and her return to normal life. 137 more words

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Book: David Gaider - Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne

One thing is really good on spending time in a hospital where they don’t have free internet: lots of time for reading books. One of the latest I read there was Dragon Age. 253 more words

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YA Online Book Club

You love YA books?
I love YA books.
Let’s love YA books together!

Whatcha talking about, Audrey?

I’m starting an Online Book Club and would love for you to join me, if you feel like sharing your impressions and reflections on young adult novels.

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My sister Audrey (Audreywritesabroad.wordpress.com) started a Young Adult online book club. You don't know what to read? You like YA novels and you enjoy reading and talking about books? What are you waiting for?

Me Before You (Novel)

Me Before You was one of the best book I read in a long, long, really long time. The kind of books that is so good that you simply can’t put it down…so I read it in a day. 425 more words


My Classical Education

I stopped reading Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice forty-two pages before the end of the book. I am familiar with the conclusion, and I have viewed both the Jennifer Ehle version of the movie as well as the Keira Knightly version (the Jennifer Ehle is far superior), and yet I put the book down for no other reason than to extend my own enjoyment. 236 more words

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