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Birthday Present!

Philips Moisture Protect ($125 at TANGS)

I got this hair straightener for my birthday present. FINALLY. I’ve wanted a hair straightener for so long, a few years back my mom got me this 10 dollar one which actually turned my hair crunchy. 110 more words


Rosemary's Baby

This movie is fantastic! No wonder it’s so hailed upon. The pacing was great, it doesn’t spend too much time on trying to create a creepy atmosphere but rather just diving straight into the story and how it slowly unravels to reveal the gruesome truth. 163 more words


The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere

DISCLAIMER: Prior to watching the premiere, i have been reading the facebook page of the spoiling dead fans, and knew months in advanced who got the bat and days before, I read the major points of the premiere. 1,374 more words


PewDiePie Tuber Simulator.

PDP released his mobile app/game a few days ago and unlike Legend of the brofist, this is absolutely free, there are in-app purchases but complete access is available abeilt a slower progress. 309 more words


New Favorite Game?

I think I might have a new favorite game or mini game, I still haven’t decided which category specifically I want to place it in, and it’s called Journey. 507 more words

Game Review

Life is Strange

I got introduced to Life is Strange by sweet yj! So far i only played episode 1 because it is free, i am probably gonna wait for a sale (current: $25) and see how much it is, i may or may not buy it! 255 more words


Narcos Season 2

Waited so so so long for season 2 and its finally here! 

There is something about season 2 that i really enjoy,the first half of the season cut through quick and fast and gets to the point really great and the second half was slower but in a good way because it made Escobar’s fall & imminent death thoroughly felt, i loved that the first episode straight away begun from where season 1 left off, which is la catedral getting invaded by special forces in attempt to capture Pablo Escobar and move him to a real prison instead of the paradise he built for himself, but of course, he escaped… 1,517 more words