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New Favorite Game?

I think I might have a new favorite game or mini game, I still haven’t decided which category specifically I want to place it in, and it’s called Journey. 507 more words

Game Review

Life is Strange

I got introduced to Life is Strange by sweet yj! So far i only played episode 1 because it is free, i am probably gonna wait for a sale (current: $25) and see how much it is, i may or may not buy it! 255 more words

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Narcos Season 2

Waited so so so long for season 2 and its finally here! 

There is something about season 2 that i really enjoy,the first half of the season cut through quick and fast and gets to the point really great and the second half was slower but in a good way because it made Escobar’s fall & imminent death thoroughly felt, i loved that the first episode straight away begun from where season 1 left off, which is la catedral getting invaded by special forces in attempt to capture Pablo Escobar and move him to a real prison instead of the paradise he built for himself, but of course, he escaped… 1,517 more words

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Nice things August brings.

I am always excited about new things, even if it is super boring like buying a face wash that was on some must-buy list. So, here are some things i got in August! 611 more words

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Short: Reading

when i was younger i saw my daddy cry and curse at the wind….JKJKJKJK i was typing and couldn’t helped but think of the song (lyrics of the only exception) 475 more words

Books, Movies, TV & Games.


Alright, let’s dive right in!

1.Bob’s Burgers

This show is so epic funny, thanks so much to Alvin for introducing it to me because i LOVE their jokes, and i am totally Louise Belcher soooo. 508 more words

Books, Movies, TV & Games.

My New Nintendo 3DS XL

ARGH! I FINALLY GOT IT. THIS IS MY NEW NINTENDO 3DS XL (WHITE).Its so pretty with the pink matte eevee cover! Its like a thick piece of chocolate. 160 more words

Books, Movies, TV & Games.