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"The Secret of Light" page 3

Walter Russell continues in this excerpt to expound on his profound understanding and knowledge of the nature of the Creator and creation and the positive and negative principles by which the entire universe, made of light, is governed. 1,737 more words

Cosmic Energy

The Royal Art & Benefits of Reading Spiritual Growth Books

Reading is a royal art. The more you read the more you are mentally active. The book lovers could better describe the hidden magical wonders of reading. 477 more words


Have you ever given a Thought to why we Read Books?

From the school days, we are involved in reading. But have anyone thought the purpose of reading? Why we read? Why are we advised to learn? 489 more words


Start Reading Spiritual Books for Healthy Soul and Mental Peace

Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.” Yes, books are a powerful tool that nourishes the lost part of you. 501 more words