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Halloween Book

Is it too late? BOO! Probably.

But maybe this would be a good book for next Halloween! That’s really what I should be doing….planning that far ahead. 82 more words

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New Book: Rock Solid

Solid fabrics are so popular these days. I was looking at various websites and saw this new book (not yet released) and thought it looked pretty interesting. 26 more words

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Modern Quilting Books

A selection of modern quilt books to add to your library! Eye candy to be sure. But these books might be worth checking out. Click on any of the images and you will be taken to amazon.com to learn more about the books. 11 more words

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License to Quilt has new YouTube Channel

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Sheila Sinclair Snyder’s new YouTube channel. Her first video is about her super cute footstool. I’ve made a couple of these dramatic footstools and highly recommend making one for yourself or for a gift. 33 more words

Books & Patterns

C&T Publishing Sale This Weekend

Jump over to C&T Publishing where prices are slashed up to 90% this weekend only, through Sunday, March 12th. Check it out here!

Books & Patterns

What's New at C&T Publishing

Find out what’s new at C&T Publishing! There is always a new book you need. Well “need” may be too strong of a word. Perhaps I should use “want” instead. 19 more words

Books & Patterns