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Reviewed; Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus

(first published on changememe)

Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus

Douglas Rushkoff

Like many people I tend to use the products of the digital revolution more easily than I think about the economics of it. 1,014 more words

Book Review

Review of "Rogue Justice: The Making of the Security State". Eye-opening and totally engrossing, this book will cause you to rethink the consistency of your political beliefs

The initial shock and horror that followed 9/11 gave way to a sense of national unity and even defiance in the United States: we would not cower to terrorism. 532 more words

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Light reading, deep themes: A review of Dana L. Sleiman's book "Courageous"

I decided to read this book because I was intrigued by the historical setting of this Christian novel;  you don’t see a lot about the Crusades in this genre. 298 more words

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder 

I’m back!

Like last year, I’ve abandoned my blogs for exams, my Alevels. In September I’ll be going to Chester university to study LLB law (if i pass). 83 more words


Great story, but a little too cliche

Kathryn Cushman’s new book “Fading Starlight” started off great with a modern-day, Hollywood fashion – industry setting. The reader is immediately drawn into main character, Lauren Summer’s, devastating career debacle and the challenge she faces of redeeming herself and starting over.   183 more words

Bethany House Publishers

Review of "I Will Witness" by Wade White

I mainly review for Bethany House Publishers, though I’ve done a few reviews for self-published authors.  I’ve also chosen not to review for a few self-published authors because the books were disasters.   464 more words

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"Like Never Before - Great Depth, Spiritual Insight and Romance

I have enjoyed all of Melissa Tagg’s books to-date.  She is excellent at developing her characters and weaving spiritual truth into contemporary, realistic settings.  “Like Never Before” is book #2 in the Walker Family Series, and while you needn’t have read “From the Start” (book #1) to enjoy this book, you’ll really enjoy it a lot more if you have.  190 more words

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