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Making up for Monday - Refusing to read authors

This week’s making up for Monday has been written to avoid the unpleasant task of packing our bags to perfectly fit the weight restrictions on Jetstar. 129 more words


Start of Something New

Good afternoon!

A sudden thought came into my mind while browsing through my pictures. I own an Instagram account (@meniahcast) and I always have this urge to post pictures every time I get to take a good one. 217 more words


The Paranormal Continues with... Elizabeth Meyette!

I’m thrilled to have fellow paranormal author, Elizabeth Meyette, on my blog today. Hailing from the USA, she’s the author of bestselling, The Cavanaugh House. Here she tells us all about herself and what inspired her to write it. 1,200 more words



When I tell a story, I string story moments ┬álike beads on a string. I see a “story moment” as a little part of the story, contributing something to the story, in the same way in which each individual bead contribute┬ásomething┬áto the necklace. 211 more words


"Tomato Red" & Woodrell on Writing

I’ve lost my direction. There’s no more stories for me to tell.

In recent months I’ve felt this way, like my reservoir for ideas has dried up and the concrete that once held water is now cracked. 657 more words


Reading, Writing, and the 60 Hour Work Week

Well, I made it. Three straight weeks at 60 hours each. Plus school. I made it. All assignments were turned in on time, I was on time to each shift, and didn’t fall asleep in any awkward/inconvenient places or times. 408 more words


Robinson: Education and Fast Food

In this last section of his book, “The Element”, Ken Robinson sums up some core ideas about what ideal education would look like. It would be based on helping kids find their elements (where abilities meet passion). 129 more words