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Let 'Writers' speak their minds

Writers if always stay quiet,

Quite bizarre that shall be.

They are not the people with mismatching minds & words.

They know what all the talking is that be. 132 more words


Siblinghood of the World Bloggers Awards #2

           It’s been a really long time since we were nominated for this award. I believe those will be the first words to every subsequent gifts from our fellow bloggers until, some day, when we’ll find hidden supernatural powers to get us up to date with all these awards. 1,452 more words

Book Review

[good reads] the m&m's counting book

One of my absolute favorite books is The m&m’s Counting Book by Barbara Barbieri McGrath. I love this book because it unites foundational math skills with my absolute love of chocolate m&ms. 115 more words


Neuromancer (1984) by William Gibson

‘Case’s virus had bored a window through the library’s command ice. He punched himself through and found an infinite blue space ranged with color-coded spheres strung on a tight grid of pale blue neon.’ (p.63)

452 more words




Challenge: Book to Movie 2016

Hello my fellow bookworms, if you read this blog regularly you will know I love my adaptations and so it is really a no-brainer that I should take part in The Book to Movie Challenge in 2016 – created and hosted by… 308 more words


The Girl Who Reads.

This is based off on what Robert Pattinson apparently said about girls who read.

He woke up to an empty bed. He checked and realized that she still hadn’t come to bed. 698 more words