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The Snowman

Oslo detective, Harry Hole, is going up against a vicious killer in Jo Nesbo’s seventh book The Snowman. The story contains all the elements of a good thriller: atmospheric, dark, and gritty; a flawed hero; complex characters; and loads of clever diversions that keeps the reader guessing and turning the page. 58 more words


Mini-Review: Macbeth

It’s been a hot minute since I last read a play, and especially a Shakespeare play. Occasionally I like one, but I can’t name a single play I’ve ever really… 965 more words


Alice Sebold's Way With Words

Established author Alice Sebold has a way with words; her writing style is unique and captivating. You may know her work from The Lovely Bones (2006), a novel later adapted into a highly successful film (2009) by Director Peter Jackson. 383 more words


Night Music: Nocturnes Vol. 2

“I was not frightened. It seems strange to say that, but it is the truth. I knew that he was dead, and the dead have no hold over us beyond whatever we ourselves surrender to them. 241 more words


Kindle Pre-order

Clicking the cover will redirect you to Amazon’s website where you can pre-order  the Kindle version of Office Mutuant by Pete Risley. Publication will be 2/13/2018.

Kesalahan para penulis muda dalam membentuk karakter

Karakter merupakan salah satu bagian terpenting setelah alur dan plot. But, sangat disayangkan banyak penulis muda yang terkadang membangun karakter semaunya sendiri, sesuai dengan keinginannya yang bahkan sangat tidak nyata. 528 more words