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Reviving the Written Word

The written word has been somewhat missing from our entertainment habits recently. It might have been the invention of social media which condensed our literary needs into shorter and shorter templates. 517 more words


Approximately one minute ago I finished my revisions and new ending for Vynasha Part One (still working on a better subtitle, lol) There are still edits and last run-through revisions to be made before we publish again of course. 278 more words


"The End of the Affair" by Graham Greene (1951) - book review

After reluctantly putting this book down, couldn’t help but ignorantly wonder if parts of this book were autobiographical, particularly in terms of the recurring religious theme. 311 more words


Drucker: Stop to Think

Ok. Put on your helmet and let’s go. We will now take our first step in the Peter Drucker adventure. That first step is to re-think how we use time. 509 more words


Heath Bros - The Stop doing List

This is the 8th post in our ten part series on the Heath Bros. book “Decisive”. This may be the easiest post in the series to get, but the hardest to do. 418 more words


Love to Read

Are you bored and tired of doing nothing? According to what I read from twitter, Boredom causes the mind to over think. People are less depresses and happier when kept busy. 434 more words


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Tell us something about your favorite childhood meal.


tell the story in your own distinct voice.

Ah! favorite childhood meal? well, I think it will be the Luchi/poori (paratha but fried in oil, better google it) that mom used to prepare on occasions, she could not do it regularly, there were too many mouth to feed and only two pairs of hands, amongst her daughters only i helped her in chores department, that too years later! 181 more words

Sharmishtha Basu