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a huge, vague form

Wet, drenched through, and shivering cold, despairing of ship or boat, we lifted up our eyes as the dawn came on. The mist still spread over the sea, the empty lantern lay crushed in the bottom of the boat. 79 more words


The Lieutenant by Kate Grenville

The Lieutenant is a novel about Daniel Rooke, who joins the first penal fleet to Australia as an astronomer hoping to track a comet. While the colony is being established, the governors and leading officers attempt to establish contact with the aboriginal peoples, although both view each other as a threat. 779 more words


Legends of Spirit Cave: Part 89

Turtle and Yellow Eyes knew the general location of the Lovelock Cave. Yellow Eyes had visited there many years ago, when it was within the territory of the people of the marsh into which the long, curved river from the northeast flowed. 612 more words


“Are you sure,” I said at last, “that she will be happy there?” (lame, lamentably lame!)

“She’d better,” said Haze. “And it won’t be all play either. 71 more words


What I'm Into: February 2016

Howdy, howdy….

Welcome to the most “blah” month of the year! Yay!

Here are some things that our family is into lately:

Vaseline Rosy Lips… 256 more words

Points To Ponder

perfect delights

“I crossed the smoky room to join Rita as she described to Jeff the delights of her plan, where they were going, the club, the food, the drinks, the drugs, the contacts, the magazines, the shows, the music, the culture, the schedule, the colors, the sounds, the perfect delights.”

— Lord Malinov, Song of Songs


Writing a Series: re-meeting my characters ...

What’ve you been doing? Haven’t seen you in a while …

Yes it’s been while … Now Christmas is thoroughly over: it came with a pile of reading for the dark December/January evenings … I’ve read for review and I’ve beta read a couple of emerging books. 695 more words

The Writing Life