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To cull or not to Cull?

This is a hard question, I don’t like getting rid of books but, when we moved into our house a few years ago I culled several hundred books from my collection, the majority of the were mass market paperbacks, and I was ruthless, I pretty much got rid of all my fiction except for a books by a few specific authors, such as Terry Pratchett. 181 more words

Bookish Thoughts

Books that Don't Go on Shelves

The great thing about books is that they are never defined by one characteristic. A book is a story for rainy days, a path made for getting lost, a pillow on rough nights, a wake-up call to the world around you, and hundreds of other unique things. 566 more words


20 Beautiful Reading Nook Designs for Cozy Bookishness

There’s nothing we love more than a cozy spot to curl up with a good book and get lost for a few hours. It makes us even happier when that place happens to be at home. 345 more words


Hidden Kitten

An older video from shortly after we brought Fafnir and Grendel home. Sometimes I forget how little they were : )

And yes, this is still a common occurrence for us. 21 more words


Moving madness

I’m slowly starting to pack up my stuff ahead of my June-end move. I began with the bookshelves since I have the time to make sure I store them well. 47 more words


I Miss Having a Bookshelf

I know, I know – “You call yourself a writer and you don’t have a bookshelf? What’s wrong with you? Next you’ll say you don’t have a library card!” Hear me out, okay? 439 more words