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Confession: I Have Too Many Books (My Book Culling Tips)

Over the years I’ve bragged quite a bit about my fancy colour coded bookshelves. I often buy books because they look pretty. And I’m a sucker for a special edition.  896 more words


Never Underestimate The Influence Of Books

Needless to say, I love books and everything related to them: libraries, antique book shops, hard copy books, kindle, my iBooks. I always walk out of a book shop with at least one book and this tends to become a problem because I overestimate the time I have for reading and I end up with piles of unread (some only started) books on my nightstand. 655 more words


Fitted Cupboards & Shelves for Books

It’s been a bit quiet on the blogging front whilst I have been trying to plan how to fit the contents of a large house into a smaller one.   337 more words


Real Book Or Kindle For Novel Reading?

I received my first Kindle as a gift. I sighed, groaned, and moaned when I examined it, making the gift bearer, my poor enterprising partner, frown. 1,214 more words

On Writing

Designer Tips for Styling a Bookcase: Simplified

Have you ever felt  a bit like a fraud, because I have? I’ve been misrepresenting myself for years, and it’s time for true confessions.  Here goes!  803 more words

Home Decor

Bookshelves #7

I have to start this post off with a confession: I used to write poetry. When I was 16 or 17, I wrote about things like “oh, I have these deep soulful blue eyes that speak of my pain in this world,” but by the time I got to college (at least the later parts of it, during which I wrote a poetry manuscript that’s bound in one of the university libraries and for part of which I actually somehow won a literary prize with a cash reward for which the value was equivalent to like 8 weeks of selling my plasma, which I think is probably pretty close to a Pulitzer or a Nobel), I was a little more serious and let’s say literary about it. 1,432 more words

I Wonder If This Is What Librarians Go Through

It started with a simple thought, “What if I move this there, making room for that to be moved there, which would free up space for that to go there, which would open up space for games poorly stacked on shelves there to be properly stacked, making not one but two rooms look a lot better.” 477 more words

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