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It's a sort of revolution.

I’m re-blogging this from some time ago as we are in the season of celebrity books and here in Nam ( Cheltenham ) we’ve just had the what people call the ‘lit fest’. 347 more words

Beastly Dresser Becomes Beach-vibe Bookshelf 

Ain’t alliteration awesome? Yes, I am a word nerd. I wear it proudly.

On to today’s flip. This hulking dresser was part of an old set my husband had inherited before we met. 592 more words


11 Ideas for Decorating With Bookshelves

Bookshelves can seem uninteresting unless until you put your mind to some cool, refreshing ideas. In fact, a bookshelf can add visual interest and storage space in the most unique ways. 269 more words

Interior Design

3 Tips for Finding your Spot in the Writing Marketplace

by Lisa Peck-MacDonald

How do you find your place in the Writing Market?

Finding the right marketplace for your book can be a daunting challenge. One I haven’t mastered yet, nor will I ever. 950 more words

Bookshelves (with Pictures)

Hello everyone.

I’m still fresh in my ‘own place’ and, so, I’m re-doing my shelves.

There are four shelves that are in my room, a white shelf, a black shelf and two (new) light brown one’s. 42 more words


Interstellar: Matthew Mcconaughey Trapped in a Bookcase

Gonna throw it out there and let everyone know that I already deleted Tinder… not just the app, my account on Tinder is completely gone. Because the only three guys I bothered talking to past the initial stage of “Sup?” all turned out to be so disappointing that I am tempted to leave this city and burn it to the ground behind me (we’re in a drought, it’s totally feasible.) Seriously, if I get one more guy who seems normal then has a fucked up Instagram page (full of stupid hashtags) where I find out his non-ironic nickname includes a DOLLAR SIGN… I’ll lose my mind.  655 more words

Movie Monday

Harry Potter books!!!

I had all my Harry Potter books crammed onto one shelf, so after I received the latest illustrated book I realized I needed to switch some things around. 36 more words