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Working for free

This is what I do. It’s by choice. Often I feel as if I’ve got a tiger by the tail and I can’t let go. That’s when I harbour thoughts of giving up/slowing down/having a holiday. 393 more words


In Praise of Booksellers

Yesterday, I had to go into Dublin city for the day to attend to some business, but – of course – when I’m in the capital I always make time to visit a bookshop or two. 845 more words


Constitutionally incapable of reading . . .

There are books which we see from year to year on shelves of libraries or in charity bookshops, and we are conscious of their great popularity. 215 more words


How to support bricks & mortar bookshops with IndieBound links

As is the case with most children’s authors, my books sales are predominantly in print, with many being at school events. But I’ve also sold very respectable numbers (running into the 100s) in local bricks and mortar stores, including several branches of… 776 more words


Blue Cypress Books

Blue Cypress Books isn’t exactly on the beaten track traditionally favoured by tourists hanging out in The Big Easy. And by that I mean it’s not located in the French Quarter. 493 more words


Any Amount Of Books

I happened to stumble across Any Amount Of Books during my lunch-break one rainy day back in 2013. At the time I was working in a different bookshop close by (you know you’re a true bookseller/lost cause when you choose to hang out in bookshops in your spare time, amirite?!) but it was pretty corporate and lacked the comforting ‘come in out of the storm that is life and rest your weary soul’ vibe I tend to look for in bookshops. 456 more words


Flâneurs of the World Unite!

Now that spring has arrived in earnest: the dawn chorus wakes us from our slumbers, carpets of bluebells and snowdrops abound, and the trees are in full blossom; the fecundity of this loveliest of seasons gives one cause to pause and wonder at the abundance of the natural world. 204 more words