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The world is fucking flat...

A young man came into the shop, fervent, purposeful. He stood at the front, agitated, and looking at me. Then he asked me for a book by its title: did I have it; did I know it, had I read it?? 177 more words

Always read the Smallprint...

Some women love shopping for shoes. My weakness is children’s books, especially since running round after a toddler has killed any opportunity or desire I had to wear heels. 321 more words

The embargo

Reading Harry Potter a week after ‘everyone’ else never bothered me. I would hope for no spoilers, but I didn’t feel an absolute urgency. We already bought two copies of the book, and three or four would have been ridiculous. 266 more words


I'm going to read every book that has been written ...

Robert is anxious that he will die before he finishes all the books he has at home. He said this morning: oh my, oh my, there is not enough time. 268 more words


Isn’t it marvellous what you can do with the word noir? All these crime festivals where noir can be slotted in quite effortlessly. Like here, in Noireland, which as any fool can see is short for Northern Ireland. 220 more words


A Year in Books For Life

I have been working with Heywood Hill, London’s pre-eminent independent bookshop, sourcing rare books for library projects. They have just launched their fantastic Prize Draw to win… 96 more words


A Sunday well spent brings a week of content..

As the old adage dictates ‘a Sunday well spent brings a week of content’ and my Sundays are no exception. After a long and gruelling week of work there’s nothing I like more than having a leisurely lie in listening to the birds chirruping outside the window… pure bliss! 1,255 more words