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Can Bookslut Return?

In a land of smarmy book reviews and a time of look and listen to me because I have a fancy degree, the destiny of a great webzine rests on the shoulders of a young woman, her name Jessa Crispin. 919 more words


Quote of the Day

“I see the Millions used on book blurbs now. They’re so professional, and I mean that as an insult. I didn’t want to become a professional. 25 more words


When Your Feminist Hero Releases a Memoir

I should be writing final term papers right now. : ) But I’m going to take a break from the Vietnam War to freak out BECAUSE I JUST FOUND OUT THAT… 746 more words

Book Recommendations


Review of The Kindness of Enemies by Leila Aboulela written by Rebecca Hussey in March 2016.

The word count of the post is 1152 words, which seems pretty decent for a book review of a 320 page book. 661 more words

Weblogs And Wikis

Book Review: "The Animal Too Big to Kill," by Shane McCrae

A new era of civil rights protest is here. #BlackLivesMatter announces a new racial consciousness locked on highly public injustices, police violence caught on dash cam videos and decried on Twitter, weeks-long street demonstrations helicoptered over and fed into living rooms via live streams. 183 more words

Book Review: "Justice," by TOMAŽ ŠALAMUN

Tomaž Šalamun was one of those rare artists who got to live — at least a little bit — in his own legacy. When he died at the very end of 2014, poets — American poets, especially — were quick to gather in a circle around this legacy, writing words of praise and admiration that were not simply eulogies but reassertions of Šalamun’s crucial role in the experimentalist impulse that has so gripped American poetry in the past two decades. 19 more words

Creating a Holiday Syllabus

Let me clarify, this syllabus is for myself.

I tend to do this any time that I have some time off of whatever I consider myself doing “full time” at the time. 582 more words