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Book Review: "Justice," by TOMAŽ ŠALAMUN

Tomaž Šalamun was one of those rare artists who got to live — at least a little bit — in his own legacy. When he died at the very end of 2014, poets — American poets, especially — were quick to gather in a circle around this legacy, writing words of praise and admiration that were not simply eulogies but reassertions of Šalamun’s crucial role in the experimentalist impulse that has so gripped American poetry in the past two decades. 19 more words

Creating a Holiday Syllabus

Let me clarify, this syllabus is for myself.

I tend to do this any time that I have some time off of whatever I consider myself doing “full time” at the time. 582 more words


Spec poetry article at Bookslut

Bookslut has an article on speculative poetry by Sessily Watt, featuring a review of Stone Telling 11. (The existence of this piece was kindly pointed out to me by… 181 more words


Looking at the grave of the invisible man

Björk’s new album is deservedly getting a lot of attention, but there is another, much quieter release from an Icelandic artist – literally quieter. It’s not an album, it’s a poetry chapbook. 843 more words


Where Do You Find Meaning?

“The occult is actually a deep and important part of the human imagination. I almost wish I didn’t have to use the word, because what I am talking about is that aspect of the human psyche.

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Charles Blackstone: The Proust Questionnaire

Daulton Dickey.

The Proust Questionnaire is a notorious questionnaire meant to gain insight into a person’s psychological makeup. Although the writer Marcel Proust didn’t invent it, he is purported to have provided the greatest answers to it on two separate occasions, which is why it now bears his name. 524 more words

Bookslut Review

“To write about Beastings is to write about silence. Benjamin Myers’s latest novel has a small central cast of uncommunicative characters: a mute teenage girl, a baby, a determined priest, and a disgruntled poacher. 141 more words