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The Longest Birthday

As a rule we try not to travel over major holidays and birthdays. With six people in our family, we always seem to be carrying a lot of stuff with us, even though we have rules to keep our luggage light. 618 more words


Bookstore Bums I: Green Apple in San Francisco

How I feel about bookstores is how Jordan from The Great Gatsby felt about parties, “he gives large parties….and I like large parties. They’re so intimate. 367 more words


The Erosion of Language as We Knew It

Yesterday I provided a kind of soft intro to the topic I want to look at today which bears on larger issues than just why bookstores are struggling. 1,264 more words


Appoggiatura and Logorrhea No. 933

Agents and managers earn commissions from the work they secure for you. Never pay upfront fees. Never pay money to someone who promises you connections and access. 13 more words


Appoggiatura and Logorrhea No. 932

You already posses everything necessary to become great. – Native American proverb, Crow