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New Books!

I went to the local bookstore over the weekend and picked up two new classics: a paperback copy of The Canterbury Tales, and a hardback, Barnes & Noble edition of… 259 more words


Gilgamesh, Co-op Fees, and Comfy Libraries

Ancient epic literature appeals most when it reveals how people long ago lived their daily lives and how they thought. For instance, “Gilgamesh” explains a great deal about the Babylonians of 2100 BCE, when the scribal-librarian Sin-leqi-unninni pulled many oral tales about King Gilgamesh, ruler of Uruk in Sumeria around 2700 BCE into a single narrative. 652 more words

Jeanne: Selling Books the Old-Fashioned Way

On Saturday I attended a book-signing at New and Olde Pages, a local bookstore, in honor of Independent Bookstore Day, where I sold seven books. That may not sound like much, but it’s twice what I’ve sold on Amazon in the past week, including my KU reads. 330 more words


Where Do The Bad Books Go?

Where do the bad books go? With hardcover fiction ready to top thirty bucks a pop, trade paperbacks routinely going for seventeen/eighteen dollars and so-called ‘rack sized’ or mass-market paperbacks becoming a vanishing breed, where the bad books go really ought to be the fiery furnaces of hell. 721 more words

When capitalism kills culture: Gentrified real estate puts squeeze on indie bookstores

Independent bookstores are places where culture is collected and disseminated. The gentrification of city centres makes their existence increasingly precarious.
Kévin Langlais on Unsplash, CC BY-NC… 991 more words

Saturday: Pecs, Hungary

Today we drove from Gyor to the city of Pecs, in the center of Hungary. Pecs has a 2,000 year history and is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. 171 more words


Amazon Reducing Orders to Publishers

In order to deal with congestion issues at its warehouses, Amazon has been cutting book orders to publishers over the last several weeks. It isn’t clear how widespread the reduction in orders is, but several independent publishers contacted by PW reported cuts in their weekly orders since late October. 307 more words