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Online Book Stores

I love books. I love discounts and deals. I find it fun to search for a good deal on a certain book I either need or want. 959 more words


Why You Should Still Be Going To Bookstores

Ah, yes. Bookstores. Remember those? They were great. But does anyone actually go to them anymore? In an age where everything is digital, it’s hard to keep the bookstores alive. 533 more words


A Bookstore Education

John Barrie, the creator of Peter Pan, once wrote: “Life is one long lesson in humility.” And that about captures it. It’s one of my favorite quotes, because it seems to get confirmed almost every day. 2,231 more words


Handbook for Mortals, the drama continues...

Do you guys remember this post about Handbook for Mortals I made a while ago? In case you don’t, it’s basically about how this author managed to get on the NYT Bestsellers List by bulk ordering her own books. 627 more words


Here Lies A Kind Man

After my cousin’s husband died, let us call him R, I did not call her up for almost a month.

Some time ago, over politics, she being polemically conservative socially, and me, an avowed liberal on paper, we might have had our small cold war (one never is sure) resulting in guarded silencing of her views when I was around, and I, in turn, brazen in my opinions to liberalize and empathize beyond borders. 580 more words


Words Have Power

Libraries, booksellers, publishers, schools, writers’ groups, and other organizations in North America are gearing up to mark Banned Books Week 2017, which runs from September 24 to the 30th. 171 more words