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Losing the Plot - Elizabeth Coleman | Review

Hello and welcome to another book review, an increasingly rare sight on this blog. I feel like every time I write one of these I promise I’ll get better at being regular, but sometimes I just go down a rabbit-hole of reading and by the time I realise I need to write reviews, I’ve had so many characters fill & break my heart that it’s hard to stay focused! 618 more words


Educated - Tara Westover | Review

Can I just say: my book club is pretty great at picking our reads! We used to do a voting system, but this book was the first one after we changed to a new system of the host of the get together chooses the book – I’m also interested to hear how your book club chooses their next read? 902 more words


Notes on a Nervous Planet - Matt Haig | Review

I remember a friend of mine, Liz, reading this book and adoring it so much – it was all over her Instagram stories and I kept thinking “I have to pick this book up!”. 599 more words


The Flatshare - Beth O'Leary | Review

I’m calling it – this is going to be one of the most loved books of 2019. If not by everyone, at least by me (though I genuinely think it’ll be a big’un for everyone!) 600 more words


The Honeyman and The Hunter - Neil Grant | Review

By the time you’re reading this, I’ll have landed in Japan and be taking in the sights of Osaka! It’s been a crazy past few weeks wit the lead up to nationals, 3 full days of frisbee, and wrapping up work bits and pieces before our 3 weeks of annual leave kicked in. 499 more words


More Ebooks Are Finished Nonsense - in Australia!

I remember coming across the original article being referred to in this article on Booktopia (incidentally the bookseller of choice for me when it comes to printed books in Australia), and the usual disdain it provoked. 25 more words


The Hating Game - Sally Thorne | Review

Hello again! These last couple of weeks have really knocked me around and I’ve not had time (or mental capacity) to blog for the last week – my apologies to my lil’ reading family on here :-) 565 more words