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Don’t you hate when you do something that you like ,and some other SOMETHING comes in your way which is also”important” and makes your mind some kind of distracted? 596 more words

Book Talk: CALAAN Reading Challenge

For the past couple of years I have seen book/reading challenges all over bookstagram, booktube, book blogs, and other social media outlets. These have ranged from challenges like Epic Reads’s Reading Decathlon (10 Books in 10 Days) last year to the yearly TBR Challenge. 383 more words

Bookish Thoughts

books, books, books, books

Upper-left = almost done reading

Lower-left = about 90 pages in and such a difficult read I can only read 10-20 pages at a time (taking roughly 30-60m) because I have to read and re-read, stop reading and think about what I just read… 7 more words


gimme food

Oh boy. This will be the first week I’ve power-walked on my work commute every day and man am I hungry! Even mixing in ground flax into my daily 4-lb broccoli and an extra ~1/2 cup peanut butter mixed into my daily ~1/4-gallon / 1-liter homemade Greek yogurt (which normally already has ~1/4 cup mix of ground chia and hemp) and I still keep getting… 138 more words


well now

Something’s been lit after reading these and the surrounding pages, before even getting past the various forwards and explanations…


why'd they choose this name

As it turns out, speaking this book’s title in conversation is… awkward!

Also, just half-way through this and it’s made me realize that what I always thought of Alan Watts being “omg sooo deeep” was really just a simplified Made-For-Cable-TV spin of what lies in this book, which self-admits to itself being a generalized overview of thousands of pages from thousands of years of dissertations of mind, self, reality, nature, and so forth. 61 more words