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why'd they choose this name

As it turns out, speaking this book’s title in conversation is… awkward!

Also, just half-way through this and it’s made me realize that what I always thought of Alan Watts being “omg sooo deeep” was really just a simplified Made-For-Cable-TV spin of what lies in this book, which self-admits to itself being a generalized overview of thousands of pages from thousands of years of dissertations of mind, self, reality, nature, and so forth. 61 more words


making even crappy things is fun

Spent wa-ay too much time making this horrible wallpaper as a quick reference guide:

And it still ended up barely-readable on my dumbphone:

Ah well, I had fun.  65 more words


imperfect timing

>doing stuff on computer
>bowels yelling at me louder and louder
>tell them to STFU because I’m busy
>eventually can ignore no longer
>run to bathroom… 72 more words


"self-help" book recommendations

(Not a self-help book, but for you more sciency and intellectual types, this should help you understand the mindset of more artistic and spiritual people. 428 more words


defeated by literature…

Ever picked up a book, and only a few pages in said, “I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT ANY OF THIS MEANS SOMEBODY HAAALP!!” then throw it and run screaming? 319 more words


The Ferret Libraries - Serena's Collection

Prepare to be welcomed on a tour of my dragon hoard of books! (I always did like the term ‘bookwyrm’ more than ‘bookworm’.)

Having seen Ferret Lissa’s collection both in person (before) and in her post recently. 1,665 more words

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