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From One Old Clunker To Another

CrazyD breezed in for a visit, dressed in his best biking gear, having biked from the car garage where his aging car was either being given Last Rites or rehabbed enough to be certified and sold to some kid to get him from school to his part time job flipping burgers. 597 more words


Mother Knows Best -- Except When She Doesn't

WARNING: If you’re a male reader who’s squeamish about discussing, as Gill says, ‘Lady Bits’ or ‘Lady Problems’ STOP READING NOW!!

As a mother, I like to think my advice is good. 736 more words


A china dowry

Ah yes. The Dowry.

In some ways, The Mom can be a bit olde-timey. One year for Christmas she got each of us what we referred to as our dowry: a place setting for twelve of beautiful china. 714 more words


The Dowry

The matter of a dowry, old-fashioned as it is, has come up for discussion several times within our family in the last few years. The first time was when Gill, expiring British visa in hand and no job in sight, was scheming to find  a way to stay in the UK after she got her PhD. 895 more words


Top Five Parental Failures with Boomerang Kids

How do you behave towards your Boomerang Kids? It’s a question that will be answered in many different ways. After all, we have brought them up in our own way. 823 more words

Quick Fix For

Whew! It's Over...

We had a small dinner party this past weekend. It was a combination Thanksgiving and ‘meet the new girlfriend’ thing. Crazy D and his new squeeze, Other Brother, L’il Sis and The Man in My Life were all here. 857 more words


Save The Date…No, Not THAT Date!

Things are the usual chaotic mess around here. Holiday celebrations stretch from last weekend well into November. It all started when Crazy D announced he and his new girlfriend would like to visit her parents (several hours away) for Thanksgiving. 547 more words