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Full House Again

Everything old is new again. So much for the empty nest. A couple of months after the first kid boomeranged, the second one came back. 380 more words


The Family That Cuts Hair Together Stays Together

Is it odd that Crazy D and I go to the same hair salon? I don’t like the poncey, upscale salons featured by most of  the women in my neighborhood. 1,067 more words


Of Course I know What a Wrench Looks Like...Maybe

Crazy D  had promised, a couple of weeks ago, to come and help me with a few chores –raking leaves, lifting heavy things, sorting through and taking some of his stuff remaining in the basement. 706 more words


From Chamois to Shambles

When Gill was here during the summer, she had errands to do — things she had to buy that couldn’t be had in Bristol. Naturally, we spent a lot of time in the car. 591 more words


Life on the Boomerang Roller Coaster

My empty nest didn’t last long. As suddenly as the oldest fledgling flew, they returned, with circumstantial drama and a broken heart (which, of course, hurts a mom’s heart, too.) Things didn’t work out with the new roommates nor with the significant other, and a few weeks later we now have our 21-year-old back with us. 345 more words


This State Has the Most Millennials Living With Their Parents

Ever wondered which state had the highest percentage of grown kids still living with their parents? If you imagined that it might be the great state of New Jersey, you win the prize. 209 more words