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New study: record high 30.3 percent of millenials live with a parent

Those on the left assure us that the secret to creating more jobs is making it easier for more people to go to college. We have to keep taxing job creators and workers, they say, so that we can pay for more people to get a college indoctrination. 797 more words


Fun and Games In The Snow

It’s been a strange day here (so what else is new, you’re asking?). We’ve had quite a bit of snow this week and our approach to snow removal has been haphazard at best. 846 more words


The Stink That Wasn't

Yesterday was a disturbing day. I often rail about Crazy D’s many dances with death and dismemberment as he careens off cliffs on his bikes, rock climbs or camps in freezing temperatures. 634 more words


Homeward Bound and That's Fine

The plight of college graduates returning home to their parents  is a phenomenon that many people sees as negative. As such, they come up with many shoddy explanations for the great stagnancy of adult development, such as this… 405 more words


Fun with weekly flyers

To further divert myself from the day-job work I had to do, over the holidays I spent long mornings with The Mom at the kitchen table, long after the other two had gone off out into the cold wintry world. 834 more words


Coupon Shopping For One's Dragon

Oh, how I miss Gill when she’s in England. The thing about it is that I only realize how much I miss her when she comes home for a holiday. 607 more words


My Life Is An Open Book

The kids made a special book for my birthday last month– a combination picture and story book meant to celebrate me, the pets, and the family.(Or to prove to the world that I am a crazy person and this was the evidence they had collected for my commitment to the asylum.) 916 more words