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Has David Copperfield Been Here?

Either the master illusionist has been in my home, I’ve been taking some very strong drugs, or early Alzheimer’s has set in. Hard to say which… 726 more words


The Good Times Chauffeur

I knew it would happen. Something about a mother’s sixth sense. We (any of us that are around and available) were invited to a 25th anniversary party for friends. 564 more words


The World's Worst Negotiator

It has been almost two weeks since L’il Sis moved into her own place with The Pig as her non-paying roomie. It has been a long, quiet, lonely time here at Grandma’s. 926 more words


Ode To The Porcelain Throne

Anyone that suffers from Crohn’s disease, as Gill does, appreciates the lowly toilet for the vital commodity it is. I didn’t say ‘like’, I said appreciate. 517 more words


Who's On First?

Things have been so crazy here  lately, I feel I have whiplash– or I’m caught in a bad replay of that old Abbott and Costello bit about ‘Who’s On First?’ 945 more words


For Want Of a $4 Spoon

I caught up with Gill  this weekend after she returned from a week in France. She had hoped to chat with Crazy D too, but he left last night for a week’s adventures. 958 more words


Why College Grads End Up Being Stuck. 

How society once was vs society now: Specifically the children of the baby boomers.
There was an abundance of jobs for the college grad, the economy was doing well. 456 more words