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Last Chance Meat --Get It Before It 'Turns'

Gill and I were discussing meat during our latest Skype.  She confessed proudly that she had bought a large brisket on sale at her local Waitrose store. 659 more words


The Mom: my biggest fan

Now and again, I’m rather pleased that the Atlantic Ocean separates me and the Mom. Not because I am upset that she’s hand-selling my book to all and sundry, but rather because it’s going to take me a bit of time to get my head round the whole thing. 857 more words

Moving Home

Hold Me Back -- I Can't Help Myself!

It’s been exciting times here lately. Last weekend, The Man In My Life and I went to a function at my Alma Mater(formal and somewhat churchy). 883 more words


Book launch!!

Dear Readers, it is with unmitigated delight that I share with you this tremendous news: my first novel will be published here in the UK on 4 May. 849 more words


Ode To a Basement Dweller

The time has finally arrived. Our nest will once again be empty, starting this Saturday. Our basement dweller of almost a year is moving into his own apartment. 627 more words


It Takes A Village (Or A couple Of Cities)

With my upcoming trip to New Zealand, I have to consider care for my canaries and, more crucially,  Mrs. Beeton, my pink parakeet.It turns out that she, too, has travel plans. 793 more words


Moving in, out, up, and down

There are times when I’m talking to The Mom over Skype and as she runs me through the details of her week, it amounts almost exclusively to something like: people came with stuff, left stuff, took stuff, brought more stuff, moved stuff around, and then left with less stuff than originally advertised. 776 more words

Moving Home