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Nothing To Do But Wait…and Worry

Gill’s Crohn’s has been bothering her lately. Not that that is breaking news. It always bothers her. But it has been particularly active the past few weeks. 865 more words


The Crippled and Infirm

The Man in My Life and I just returned from a wonderful trip to Australia. We felt rested (although tired from the long plane ride ) and de-stressed after three weeks of relaxing on beaches, visiting family, and enjoying the country’s wildlife. 617 more words


Staying 'chill' during summertime with adult children

Summertime… and the living should be easy, but I fear that what we can actually expect will be closer to something along the lines of Rage Against the Machine, musically speaking, invigorating but much less relaxing than Gershwin. 1,471 more words


Handing Over The Car Keys

I remember clearly (although my senior mind  remembers few things from that long ago) the day I got my driver’s license at 16 and was given access to the family car keys. 903 more words


Lost Sheep

You can eat or be eaten.

Slay or starve.

The choice is yours.

This is a spineless generation of consumerism and the number of boomerang kids is increasing exponentially. 345 more words

Hitched then ditched by marriage ‘predator’

Galina Baron, 65, married Charlie Juzumas, 89, with the promise that he’d never have to go to a nursing home. He didn’t know it yet, but he had just become entangled in a predatory marriage.

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Millennial Buyers

In Praise of The Canary

Gill is somewhat impulsive and, dare I say, childlike in her excitement when she comes upon something that catches her fancy. I need only point to some of her more outlandish fashion choices (costumes, really) like the blue and pink plaid pants with the  huge flair at the bottom, or the penguin biscuits from President’s Choice and the canary yellow suitcase she bought several years ago. 573 more words