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It Takes A Village (Or A couple Of Cities)

With my upcoming trip to New Zealand, I have to consider care for my canaries and, more crucially,  Mrs. Beeton, my pink parakeet.It turns out that she, too, has travel plans. 793 more words


Moving in, out, up, and down

There are times when I’m talking to The Mom over Skype and as she runs me through the details of her week, it amounts almost exclusively to something like: people came with stuff, left stuff, took stuff, brought more stuff, moved stuff around, and then left with less stuff than originally advertised. 776 more words

Moving Home

A Frenzied Sunday

I have said for years that I feel my house has a revolving front door — through which my Boomerang adult children frequently pass…sometimes for short periods of time; sometimes for long stays. 928 more words


I Wasn't A Girl Guide For Nothing

As I recall, the Girl Guide motto is ‘Be Prepared’. Come to think of it, that may also be the Scouting movement’s motto as well. No matter. 793 more words


Full House Again

Everything old is new again. So much for the empty nest. A couple of months after the first kid boomeranged, the second one came back. 380 more words


The Family That Cuts Hair Together Stays Together

Is it odd that Crazy D and I go to the same hair salon? I don’t like the poncey, upscale salons featured by most of  the women in my neighborhood. 1,067 more words


Of Course I know What a Wrench Looks Like...Maybe

Crazy D  had promised, a couple of weeks ago, to come and help me with a few chores –raking leaves, lifting heavy things, sorting through and taking some of his stuff remaining in the basement. 706 more words