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Above And Beyond The Call

I mentioned that I recently returned from a two-week vacation in Mexico. It was delightful — relaxing, meeting new people, having way too many liquid lunches. 630 more words


A Trip to the Basement

I come from a long line of seashell collectors and hoarders, so it should come as no surprise that hidden amongst the boxes I have in residence at The Mom’s, are several excellent specimens. 637 more words


Put Down Those Sea Shells!

We’ve written recently of our holiday ‘trip down memory lane’ — better known as visiting the archeological dig that masquerades as my basement.  Gill tries to come home from Britain with as little stuff in her suitcase as possible — to accommodate the stuff, treasures really, she senses (in the way a clairvoyant does) she will unearth and will decide she cannot live one more minute without in Britain. 848 more words


Tech upgrades in the kitchen

The Mom was, before my holiday trip home, bursting with excitement to show off her new, modern kitchen technology.

“Taps with sensors!” she cried, as though a field of roses had been placed at her unsightly feet. 515 more words


Be Careful --Your Upgrades Are Out To Get You

When L’il Sis, The Pig, and Crazy D moved out of my house after almost two years, the house was still standing (as they had promised).Upon taking up residence here,  they had sworn on a stack of Bibles it would look exactly the same when they left as when they moved in.i I realize that everyone interprets things differently, but to me, it looked more like a ‘fixer-upper’ than the model home it had once been. 774 more words


Obituaries And Opportunities

Sitting at the kitchen table one day near the end of Gill’s visit, we turned to the topic of our pets — specifically, birds we have had over the years. 764 more words


Big, Big Text-Me-Day

For a number of years, I’ve been following a website which is especially for parents with kids leaving home called, Grown and Flown.  It’s been fun and informative to find the moms (some dads) talking about all the feelings surrounding kids jumping ship to paddle off to the wide, wide world. 586 more words

Come Back You Kids