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On "Boomerang Kids"

Apr 30 at 6:24 PM

The London School of Economics, which since my day as a student seems to have transformed from a hotbed of radical unrest into a training ground for right-wing economists and free market policy wonks, has published a curmudgeonly study about the effect of “boomerang kids”. 187 more words

Get Out The Bungee Chord, It's Moving Day Again

OMG! Gill is moving flats again. She DID warn me that her current flat was only temporary, a six-month lease that she signed out of desperation. 1,042 more words


What Did You Say? And In What Language Did You Say It?

Maybe my brain is becoming addled with old age, but I found, when I was in Australia recently, that Aussie accents were difficult to understand. I thought I was prepared. 773 more words


A hard look at tough love and financial planning.

Source: Credit Canada

by Laurie Campbell on Thursday, April 9, 2015

Baby boomer parents take note. There’s a time for love, and there’s a time for tough love. 628 more words

Millennial Buyers

Down To Basics

Before my trip, I overheard Crazy D and L’il Sis discussing their plans for looking after the house while I was gone. “Since you’ll be looking after the dog and birds, I’ll take over most of the cleaning duties,” Crazy D offered magnanimously.” 764 more words


failure to launch?

Apparently, the boomerang kids are not leaving home.

According to Adam Davidson writing in the New York Times last summer, this trend that’s been going on over 30 years and is only getting worse. 235 more words


Finally, Someone Grateful For Food

Gill thinks it’s hilarious that I take such pleasure in feeding the various and sundry dogs that end up in my care. There are currently three — a hound the size of a small horse, The Pig (a rather rotund beagle that, since having her cancerous spleen removed, has been trying to fill up the vacant space inside), and Mr. 725 more words