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Echoes Through Time - Page 43: "Firin' Mah Boomstick"

Cru finally gets to push the big red button and blast a hole in the giant doors of Ironclad Cove. Nothing is more beautiful to watch than a murloc flying majestically through the air at half the speed of sound.

Echoes Through Time

Echoes Through Time - Page 42: "This Is My Boomstick"

Don’t you hate it when your weapon of mass destruction runs out of ammo and you realize that you forgot to stop in town and pick up more? 27 more words

Echoes Through Time

Echoes Through Time - Page 41: "Right To A Fair Trial"

Reintroducing the BFC-3000 MK I! Lying dormant in Cru’s bags since the explosion that destroyed Karazhan, the cannon resurfaces in the hands of this bearded madman. 29 more words

Echoes Through Time

Entry into Karazhan

Episode Two: Entry into Karazhan sets the stage for the beginning series of events which set the stage for the serial Echoes Through Time. This page also introduces the restoration druid voice-of-reason, and night elf eye candy, Lora who finds herself dragged into Cru’s nightmarish world. 61 more words