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Backseat Critique- The Boondock Saints

Another Patron request, you lucky people! Omega has a god and its name is The Boondock Saints, Hagan is jealous of that adulation!

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Join me in indulging my Daryl Dixon addiction

When you love entertainment as much as I do, you sometimes get to a point where you want to drown yourself in it. That sounds hyperbolic, but it’s also sort of true. 576 more words


Overnight inspires a guilt-free version of schadenfreude

After seeing Pulp Fiction as an awestruck 17-year-old, I decided to write my first screenplay.  It consisted of me and my friend Dave driving to commit a crime that was not the recovery of Marcellus Wallace’s briefcase while having a pop culture laden conversation that was not about what they call hamburgers in Europe.  418 more words


Author Sean Patrick Flanery in the house!

Okay, so it isn’t every day that I share when an author stops by my office at Hachette while they are in NYC doing a media tour. 282 more words

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