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Full Time Living in the RV Week 1 Recap

It’s officially one week since we started living in our RV and so far things are going much better than expected. We started out the week with waking up super early at 6:30 AM so that we could get all of our morning stuff done before too many people were out and about. 699 more words


Along the Mississippi

As I’ve mentioned before, visiting our friends and family has been an integral part of this journey of ours. We stopped in Clinton, Iowa to visit our good friends Ryan and Kelli. 565 more words

Where We've Roamed

Long Term Storage Favorites!

If you read my blog you know that recently my husband and I decided to live full time in an RV but to also keep a storage unit for when we go back to apartment life and because our RV is tiny and does not have a lot of storage space. 436 more words


Day 3 of full time living in the RV

Today is day three in the RV full time. On Friday we moved out of the apartment. My husband went to work and it was my responsibility to load the last few items into our RV and hand in our apartment keys. 713 more words


Driveway Surfing Part One

Our summer travels in the Rolling Toaster startedin Basecamp FLORIDA on June 28. 2016 and as we find the summer and over 9,000 miles behind us, we have been reflecting on our first long journey. 735 more words


Van life perk 4

Living in a van creates opportunities. Sometimes it’s just the mindset that is created by living a nomadic existence. Today I found my self in the small town of Dixon California. 297 more words


Van life perk 3

If you have read my other stories you know that I live in my van about 20 days a month. Some more, some less. Lately I have been leaving my van all alone in Northern California while a couple of co-workers give me a ride to and from my “vacation home” where my family lives. 265 more words