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Surviving a Hurricane in an Camper

Last summer our family spent two weeks travelling in the North East.  It just happened that we were on PEI when Hurricane Arthur came thru.  Now in our situation a lot of things out of our control went right so we were lucky. 889 more words


How NOT to Camp in Bear Country

This is a “how NOT” to camp in bear country. :-/

The other night while laying in bed watching TV, we heard a loud BANG and realized that the hatch of our truck had been opened.   268 more words

Mechanical issues in month two

Ok, so this life is not all glamour and glitz! :)  I hope all the people considering this lifestyle will see that.  Just like anything that is in the least bit mechanical, issues can and do arise.   853 more words


Walmart, you’re everywhere.  But two nights ago, you were nowhere. Like a lost soul without an anchor I was when Google told me you were nowhere near. 1,008 more words

Irongate Lake and the Last of California

Now… Chris and I have had fun using boon-docker websites like freecampsites.net to find little known locations to stay overnight. You never know what you’re gonna find on that website and it is rare that you find anything as cool as Irongate Lake. 194 more words

The Adventure

Out the door and into the wild blue yonder!

There’s this nervous excitement in the stomach the days leading up to a trip.  Must be all the possibilities swirling around.  As we spontaneously travel (i.e. 616 more words

Our California Wine Experience (Sonoma and All)

Is it just me, or is American wine-making on the upswing? They’re making wine everywhere these days – importing grapes from the ideal growing regions OR just straight-up managing the whole process in house, from seed-to-glass. 675 more words

The Adventure