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Boondocking in El Tomatal (March 5 2016)

Goodbye San Lucas!

First stop is Santa Rosalia, for cash and food. It’s Saturday and many people are out, eating at yummy looking taco stands, standing around the church (a funeral seems to be in progress) and just enjoying themselves. 929 more words


Pot Holy Land (Feb 6 2016)

First it was very quiet… then the party gang showed up. We had watched 2 episodes of House of Cards on the iPad and were in bed by then. 1,301 more words


The Old Mill (Feb 5 2016)

It got even colder in the early morning. Hopefully Baja will be warmer, but just in case it isn’t, we borrow an extra blanket from B who makes great coffee and even breakfast: seeded bread, fried eggs, sausage… T is out for her treatment and doesn’t get back until about 10:30 so it’s kind of a late start towards the border but the word is that noon is the best time to cross anyway. 783 more words


Honeymoon Revisited (Apr 22 2014)

Utah’s an hour earlier than California but Arizona is the same time zone. It gets confusing as you cross the state borders again and again. 667 more words

National Parks

Our First Anniversary

August 15th marked our one-year anniversary of being full-time rv nomads.  One year, 11,000+ miles, 22 states, 2 camp hosting jobs, 5 kids and spouses, 6 grandchildren, countless national and state parks,……it’s been a busy year!  1,207 more words

No Room in Zion (Apr 20 2014)

It’s Easter Sunday. We pull out of Echo Bay and go back towards the I-15. We didn’t drive through the Valley of Fire yesterday because they were charging a fee but you can see a bit of it on this road. 536 more words

National Parks

Trail of the Mountain Spirits (Feb 17 2014)

I am feeling like a dog. All I can focus on is the here and now. I’ve let go, big time. I haven’t bathed in days. 645 more words

National Parks