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Going Off Grid: Why?

We went to the Xscapers Annual Bash for Part 1 and 2 this year. They were our first RV convergences. We knew there would be challenges but we wanted to get a taste of our ultimate goal, being off grid as long as possible. 915 more words


Will Spring wildflowers bloom this year?

Like all plants, wildflowers survive because they have developed a special knack for survival in the conditions where they are found. If it stopped raining along the Pacific coast, as has happened this year and the draught continued for years, the giant redwoods, Douglas firs, rhododendrons, and wildflowers could wither and die out. 317 more words


Guadalupe Mountains and Carlsbad Caverns // Finally made it out of Texas!

The day had finally arrived, we were leaving Texas. It had been a big beautiful journey full of mighty skies, friendly people, colorful experiences, and the biggest, ever, gas stations. 320 more words


Phoenix and Bartlett Lake

We’ve had enough of cold mornings and not using our water system for fear of freezing our holding tanks over night.  This was supposed to be a warm retreat for the winter months after all.  872 more words


Pumphouse Wash campsite, South of Flagstaff

About a 15-minute drive South of Flagstaff, on the highway to Sedona, we found our site for the next couple nights.  Deserted but for us, the squirrels, 1 coyote, and 2 other campers that showed up late and departed early the next day, we had our own private forest it seemed.  386 more words


Eagle Mountain Railroad

When a drawing is more than a drawing, you will find layers there.

It doesn’t matter to me if I draw something on-site, or from a photograph; both require the same dutiful attention to seeing my subject and the same application of techniques to make the piece a success. 1,253 more words


Little Ol' Lady in Pasadena

Pasadena is famous for the tiny cottages ‘grandfathered’ into the back of properties in neighborhoods reserved for single-family dwellings. My daughter and son-in-law do not have one of those cottages, which is why I visit in Ramsey. 43 more words