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Ginger Turmeric Cocktail

This mocktail uses a number of ingredients that you’ll find in traditional cocktails, and a few others that you should be taking when you wake up in the morning. 54 more words


Everyday Detox Smoothie

Summer is coming and there is no better time to get on the fresh-food wagon, no matter where you live or the weather. When it does get hot, heat can often leave you dehydrated, and in need of a hydrating antioxidant-packed boost. 34 more words


Kombucha Float

Take a classic childhood treat and give it a healthy twist with the fizzy beverage everyone is obsessing about: Kombucha. 

Loaded with healthy probiotics for good digestion and a strong immune system, organic acids to promote liver detoxification, B vitamins for energy production, and glucosamine for joint health, every sip of this float tastes as good as it is for you. 35 more words


Saffron Immunity Latte

Instead of reaching for the coffee first thing, why not consider this immunity drink your comfort-food companion to get spring mornings off to a brighter start? 228 more words


Eat Today, Feel Amazing Tomorrow

Anything claiming to be “miracle” or “instant” in health and beauty is 99.9% of the time too good to be true. “It’s a little tough to get foods to work on a physical level immediately because they start on a cellular level and then show up physically,” confirms New York nutritionist  44 more words


Green Mojito

Green juices have an anti-inflammatory effect that can calm an upset stomach and boost immune function. This healthy juice crush fights dull and lacklustre skin with a hit of high-energy greens. 50 more words


Young Living Thieves & R.C.

I joined a few mothers’ group on Facebook. The common discussion is about boosting children’s immunity and natural remedies for flu and cough. It is very common for children to fall sick especially if they have started going to childcare or kindergarten. 796 more words

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