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Perspectives on Memorial Day, thanks to boyhood memories

This weekend is Memorial Day, regarded by many as the kickoff of Summer.  It’s easy to forget those who helped make such a lifestyle possible, “those” being the Americans who gave their lives in service to their country via the three branches of the military (a statement I will provide clarity upon later in the post.) Having never served in our nation’s military – though certainly not for lack of desire – please indulge me a few minutes of your time to share experiences from my boyhood which afforded great perspective on military sacrifice as I grew older.   1,401 more words





Segabart, Maci
Whitman, Kallie
Palmer, Rhianna
Maynard, Emily
Rielly, Cierra
Beeck, Faith


Sheil, Bryanna
Palmer, Bianca


Mason, Sammi
Pafford, Kirstin… 201 more words


Military Life Chapter 17: 75007 Recruit Kimani.

Mathew Kimani was our course senior. Well… A course senior is a soldier – in this case a recruit who is the senior most in the room/ squad/ platoon/ company/ division or even in a troop car or a convoy or whichever the context that might be. 1,507 more words

Soldier CB

Are You From Arkansas?

I have NO idea why this memory came back to me tonight, but for some strange reason this short memory has invaded my brain and made me laugh again. 315 more words

Reminiscing Stories

She was always there during every mission... Happy Mother's Day

Mother’s Day.

Twenty four hours that we set aside so that people all across the country can visibly remember that all of us have one thing in common (so far). 998 more words

Boot Camp

Students step from classroom into Kelowna fire hall

A group of 70 high school students got to put down their pens and pick up a fire hose on Wednesday morning at the Kelowna Fire Department. 169 more words


Quick update

Just wanted to send out this quick update for everyone.

There will be NO class on (Easter) Monday April 22nd.

The last two classes on… 61 more words

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