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Bootleg Battery Charger Teardown

Its amazing how cheap some stuff is on eBay these days.

For example, I picked up 3x lithium ion batteries and a charger to suit my Olympus TG-4 camera for $25 Aussie dollars, including free delivery. 406 more words


Lucky Number 7

Filipino-American DJ/Producer, IAN SNDRZ, just dropped his latest Bootleg Pack VII. With 15 hand-picked tracks by today’s top DJs, this is a bootleg that represents his unique sound and individuality. 306 more words


Song of the Day: Handsome Family, "Drunk by Noon"

(I’m a happy person.)

…my blog link to the f*** Trump songs… just a thought to myself, I never did get all the way down the list, and maybe it might perversely perk me up?  254 more words


"Awesome" Link Figure

This certainly is a beautiful figure, we should all add it to our collection.



BOOTLEG NATION: Devil Arts Providence Gundam MG kit

Bootlegs, bootlegs, BOOTLEGS! Many people do like them bootlegs, other than cheap, many justify themselves that it is good fodder for practice, or the model they like isn’t available because Bandai doesn’t listen to what they want (the fuq?) whatever the reasons are, there are just too many people who are getting into these bootlegs because they are cheap! 414 more words



We recently received an e-mail detailing the latest bootleg fan art resin toy from buzzard guts and DAMarx toys. It is a Star Wars/Marvel mash-up that uses Kenners 1977 protocol droids as a base for popular Marvel characters. 160 more words