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The Vs. Maxx™ Maxxplay, Part 1

Hey guys! I’ve gone and got a third famiclone: The Vs. Maxx™ Maxxplay.

I actually got a super good deal on it, too! It was just $8. 1,355 more words


Mysterious Figure Update.

A few weeks ago one of my friends sent me a picture of a figure she was trying to identify.  It has now consumed my life. 191 more words


Dream: Bootleg Apollo Mission

The dream I had last night takes place in the past, during the golden age of space-travel firsts.

It turns out the landmark Apollo mission–the one supposedly going on now, with a man in orbit, and with the fanfare, parades, and cheering children on earth–was really fake, though in the dream its not clear why, exactly. 224 more words

Chinglish 2016

Not much Chinglish to occupy my eye these days, but I do have a few to start off 2016 while it’s still January:

To be disdained!

131 more words

"Educational" Function 9,999,999-in-1

Hi everyone! Like a month ago I bought this multicart, but it took a month to come in the mail! But it’s here now, so now you can read about it. 817 more words


Pocket Monster debug mode??

Hey everybody!!

The other day I was playing Pocket Monster on my 400-in-1 multicart, and I paused the game, and it turns out that when you pause the game, all the bad guys and stuff keep moving across the screen, while your character stays in place. 123 more words