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George Remus and MGP come full circle.

(11/27/16) Earlier this month, MGP announced that they acquired the George Remus whiskey brand from Queen City Whiskey LLC, Cincinnati. Terms of the cash transaction however, were not disclosed. 474 more words


Huntin' Frogs

1955. “Mama! I done struck oil! Black gold! Millionaires!”

Valerie stretched her kneaded dough balls into the bread pans, covered them with a tea towels and rubbed her hands on her apron. 1,471 more words


The Bootlegger

Last week we made a trip to the next town over to have dinner at The Bootlegger with family. It’s located at 50 Massachusetts Ave in Lunenburg. 518 more words


Moonshine Bootlegger Longboard Review

We all know there’s quite a lot of cruising boards out there. Many are generic, and are copies of each other. Is the Bootlegger like the rest? 1,518 more words


Officer Pollard Killed on the Chute

Crime, murder and the dealing of illegal substances is nothing new to any area; Lancaster is not an exception to that rule.  But diligent police officers ready to put their lives on the line to serve their community is nothing new either.   1,205 more words

Happy Fathers Day, Joe Kennedy!

Not much use inventing tender prevarications, using humanizing vantages and filters or attempting to come up with asterisks to explain away his deeds in the post-script of his life, Joseph P. 837 more words

National Moonshine Day

The term Moonshine comes from the fact that distilling illegal liquor is done underground or “in the moonlight”. The term bootlegger comes from early colonists who hid liquor in their boots in order to smuggle it to the Native Americans. 150 more words