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Bootleggers Face Long Way to Go, Short Time to Get There

ATLANTA—Local good old boy lawbreakers Bo Darville and Cledus Snow are preparing to take on what some are calling an impossible task as they attempt to make a run to Texarkana, Texas in an 18 wheeler, pick up 400 cases of Coors beer and make a return delivery here—all in the next 28 hours. 307 more words


Dump Etiquette

A few weeks ago, I took a big step in the world of fashion: I bought my first above-the-knee skirt (above? below? It’s shorter than my legs are, period.) I love wearing skirts, especially in the summer, especially if they have enough material to allow a little swirl in my twirl. 609 more words


Summer Dress & Polka Dot Love

Hello Lovelies,

Bootlegger was having a 40% off sale, and this gorgeous dress was $30, marked down from $50. It was the last day for the sale, and since I’m a sucker for pink with white polka dots, I had to get it. 11 more words

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Local Hooch Tragedy

Bootlegger is a term I vaguely remember reading about in an S.Hussain Zaidi book about Mumbai’s mafia history, decades early when bootlegging was a common practice. 338 more words

Who’s up?

My aunt was a stalwart mountain woman who did for herself, and if she couldn’t she went without for that was her belief. Self-sufficient in all matters big and small, that Lord gave her a backbone to earn what she ate and drank. 72 more words

The Man Who Would be Gatsby

This is the first screenplay I’ve attempted to write. I got the idea from watching PBS’s “Prohibition” and was fascinated by George Remus’s story. When I found out that F. 40 more words