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The CAT sat on the mat

A wise man once said that you should be careful what you wish for. I think the idea behind this warning is that you might actually receive your wish, only to instantly regret it, as might be the case if you were suffering from mild embarrassment and idly wished for the ground to open up and swallow you. 255 more words


Working in a Hazardous Setting? Get Thorogood Tactical Boots for Better Protection

Special services require particular types of gears which can assist the personnel in carrying out their dangerous operations. If you are working in military, defense, any law enforcement setting, or in a demanding environment where you require special types of boots, you must own a pair of Thorogood tactical boots. 160 more words


The World Cup Football - Worriers

There is no better taste in ones mouth than ‘victory’. To the spoils, go the victor…

The band of ever brave players, made their way, heads high on to the football pitch. 327 more words


RM Williams Boots – What Makes Them So Special?

Reginald Murray (R.M.) Williams is an Aussie icon. The man’s life story was truly remarkable. He was born back in 1908 and packed so much into his life until he passed in 2003. 280 more words

R M William

Jeffrey Campbell’s New Collection Includes Shoes for All Body Types

Few things are more frustrating than stumbling upon the perfect shoe only to realize it doesn’t fit you properly. Finding a pair of boots that look cute, match your wardrobe, and keep your feet comfortable is hard enough; discovering that those boots won’t zip over your calves is a whole new level of irritating—especially when it happens over and over again. 221 more words


Saturday afternoon shop; My first haul!

So, My boyfriend and my brother travelled to Cardiff on Saturday to watch the cricket, and I had to pick my dad up a fathers day gift (I wrote a blog post about gifts and still managed to put it off till the last minute) so I went along too. 852 more words


Uh-oh. Someone bought boots made in China.

You know what guys? Internet shopping will get you.

There I was, four years since starting my not made in China challenge, thinking I was buying our toddler rain boots made in Canada, when they in fact, I was importing boots from China. 218 more words

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