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The Journey Begins

Hello World!

So I finally started a blog to document the ups and downs of my journey to becoming a Self-Taught Developer. I suppose my first blog post is the best place to introduce myself and to explain why I am learning to code and and what my current goals are. 714 more words


Proje Takip Sistemi (PTS)

Bu blog yazısı yapmış olduğum Proje Takip Sistemi isimli projenin tanıtımı hakkındadır.

Proje Takip Sistemi

Proje Takip Sistemi üniversitelerde öğretim görevlileri tarafından verilen projelerin takibini yapabilmek amacıyla geliştirilmiş web tabanlı bir sistemdir.  776 more words


Cum să ne tragem de șireturi cu...BOOTSTRAP!

Vorba lui Bittman, vine o zi când vrei nu vrei, Bootstrap îți iei!

Îl ei îl iei, dar cum? Păi, cu npm. Care trebuie întâi instalat, la pachet cu… 96 more words


Revamp Form widget - Service Portal


As its known already that Service portal brings flexibility to give a nicer look and feel to our existing applications, we can use our imagination and creativity to give the end user a more easier interface to drive the application. 106 more words


Lewis Howes, Founder of Sports Executives Association

Lewis Howes’ BIO


1. Oprah Winfrey has been inspiring us each month with her unique approach to life and to creating our very best lives so, as a tribute to her, A La Oprah, what did you know for sure when you decided to be a solo business practitioner? 647 more words

Business Services

Ask2Solve : Form dalam modal memakai Ajax Jquery

Untuk artikel ini, saya hanya berbagi caranya dan coding. Bila ingin lebih jelas, silakan tulis di komentar minta konsul codingnya.

flow programnya:

  1. klik tombol buat memunculkan modal♠
  2. 156 more words

How to Add Entity Data Model In Project Of MVC

How to Add Entity Data Model In Project Of MVC 

Before Add Entity Mode First You Need to Know How To Add New Project In Asp.net MVC for this Read My Privious Blog… 759 more words