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Adding Responsive Images

The follwoing link is to the “Images” tutorial for Bootstrap 3 on W3Schools. Be sure to use the Version 3.x of the documentation. There are new features only available to users of the Bootstrap 4 framework.

Responsive Images in Bootstrap


#100DaysOfCode Challenge (Day 2)

Hello everyone. So, today it’s my second day of the challenge. Today also I’ve done my coding from the freecodecamp website. However today I’ve learned about bootstrap which helps to make website look more better and responsive too. 774 more words


#100DaysOfCode Challenge (Day-1)

Hello everyone. So, yesterday starting from April 20, 2018, I officially announce that I’ve accepted 100 Days of Code challenge. So here I am to my first day of the challenge. 859 more words


Why I love BootStrap so much

So I’m back now. Yeah. It’s been a bloody long time since I posted but I managed to both end up very busy and just forget to post for a while but I’m hoping to post a bit more in the near future. 254 more words


Teaching Computational Thinking across an Entire University, With Guest Blogger Roland Tormey

During Spring Break, Barbara and I were invited to go to Switzerland.  Sure, when most people go someplace warm for Spring Break, let’s head to the mountains! 587 more words

Going Serverless with Bootstrap

The first step to making a WordPress site serverless is taking it off of WordPress. There is the argument you can make a serverless version of WordPress, but that’s a project of a whole different scale. 571 more words