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Slick File Uploads: Implementing a Bootstrap Progress Bar with vue-resource

In my previous post I discussed how to make a prettified file input that returns the file object. In this post we are going to look at how to upload the file we receive from our file input component and implement a progress bar. 1,219 more words

How To

A funny thing happened with table() while making bootstrap samples in R

In my intro stats class, we spend some time computing bootstrap distributions for constructing confidence intervals.

One day, we gathered data from the 29 students in attendance about their class rank:  first year, sophomore, junior, senior.   263 more words

My PHP Students

They know about the HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery and PHP.


Layout Creation using Bootstrap Template & ASP.Net MVC

After doing lots of browsing and rejection you finally was able to freeze on a UI theme for the application.

Now it’s time to put this layout in a new asp.net mvc application. 125 more words


Rails, Angular, Postgres, and Bootstrap: Powerful, Effective, and Efficient Full-Stack Web Development

As a Rails developer, you care about user experience and performance, but you also want simple and maintainable code. Achieve all that by embracing the full stack of… 408 more words



As the title suggests this is the very first post of this blog. The idea of the blog is to discuss and help java learners to develop understanding of different features, the reasons behind common errors/issues and ways to resolve those and to explore the functionalities of different frameworks that make the life of java coders easier. 104 more words