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New Studio Space and Logo

I’m so excited, you guys! I’m sitting in the middle of LaLove Design’s very own first studio space. How crazy is that? It felt like I would never get here sometimes, but it’s real…trust me….I’ve already pinched myself. 74 more words

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GigRove wants to match skilled freelancers and startups with spare rooms

Bootstrapping London-based startup GigRove is looking to carve out a niche in the collaborative consumption space as a matching platform for digital workers with itchy feet and startups with a spare room and pressing skills need. 792 more words


Y3 Art Resolutions: Of art and craft

Y3 Art Resolutions is the third year of an evolving resolution to elevate every day by looking at art and creativity as a life’s philosophy. 888 more words

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Creating an Equity Funding Plan for Your Startup

By Andrew J Thompson

The progressive steps in funding a new startup generally look like this:

Personal Investment


Donations Crowdfunding

Friends & Family/Equity Crowdfunding  270 more words

What We Stand For:

Social Impact Branding is a digital media company focused on helping small businesses/entrepreneurs, who are in high growth mode, create a strategic online presence in social media platforms. 1,587 more words


Shooting on an iPhone

Turns out that, if you’ve got great lighting, and I mean GREAT lighting, you can shoot great looking footage on a iPhone. The short below was filmed using an iPhone 6s, decent kitchen lighting, and this… 123 more words

Funding Your Freelance Venture By "Bootstrapping"

It’s a new word to me, and probably one of my favourite new words for 2016. I like the sound of it, but I’ve never heard it used as a verb before. 907 more words