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Bootstrapped ANOVA and ANCOVA in R

This function runs a bootstrapped analysis of variance (ANOVA) and analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) in R for when your data does not have a normal distribution. 282 more words


Journal Entry - May 13, 2015

One True FEZ Maker in Pakistan partners with a Full Master Military Tailor in the U.S., and the result is Top of the Line, Quality Controlled and Guaranteed Products with prices being lowered thanks to great price reductions from the FEZ Maker and materials supplier. 536 more words


The Standard Error (and a bootstrapping bonus!!!)

The standard error isn’t just some error that we all make (as in “Dude, did you see Jimmy at the bar last night? He made the standard error…”), it’s a measure of how much we can expect the mean to change if we were to re-do an experiment. 433 more words

Ramen Camp

Are you going to Ramen Camp May 16? You should!

When you’re at the event, look for us on the panel! Ramen Camp booked two female speakers for their event from InnovationWomen.com. 53 more words


4 Unconventional Methods of Raising Capital For Your New Business!

by Brenton Rodgers, MBA, PMP

There are myriads of ways to raise capital for your NuVenture; nice plug right, I can’t help it? Anyway it’s true, I remember my first business. 815 more words

Angel Investors

IIMAvericks Capacity Building Workshop 2015

With a premier B-school degree behind them and usually a plum job in hand, these youngsters are planning to do something different. Following a growing trend over the past few years, the IIMs have been seeing a few graduates opt out of the placement rat race. 404 more words


Good Debt, Bad Debt and the Gray Matter in Between - Part 2: Business Loans

The second part of our Good Debt, Bad Debt series focuses on business loans. You can find part one on student loans here.

So you’ve just hit on a brilliant business idea and all you need is a few hundred thousands to make it work. 860 more words

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