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On the Horns of the Bootstrapper's Dilemma

Work elsewhere for cash flow and have less time for the start-up, or not work and put all my time and energy into the start-up? 162 more words


Startup Spotlight! WorkDesq

Welcome to the first installation of our new blog series on Pittsburgh-based startups! We’re profiling some of Pittsburgh’s most innovative entrepreneurs and the companies they’ve founded.  1,004 more words


Bootstrapping : empresa vs. microempresa. Estrategias

Dice Guy Kawasaki en su blog que un día alguien le comentó  que las probabilidades  de que un emprendedor obtuviese financiación  del tipo capital-riesgo son las mismas  que las que te golpee un rayo mientras estás de pie, en un día soleado en el fondo de una piscina. 1,301 more words



One often hears people complain that they do not have enough capital to start a business. Sure you need money to get your idea off the ground but do you really need venture funding or bank loans when you barely have any customers? 1,042 more words

Small Business

Journal - February 9, 2015

Busy, busy, busy… That’s me.  I’ve been plugging my way through Quick Books.  What a confusing ordeal that was.  But my inventory is entered and everything is up and running. 434 more words


Paper: Reflection on Trusting Trust by Ken Thompson

Amazing paper whose content is still very relevant today. I had this paper bookmarked on my browser for a long time and I finally read it last week. 477 more words