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Artificial chemistry suggests a hypothesis about real biochemistry

What is the difference between a molecule encoded in a gene and the actual molecule produced by a ribosome from a copy of the encoding? … 692 more words

22 steps to double your website traffic and lead generation.

Today I discovered my website traffic has quadrupled since December 2014 — and soared to the top 1.5 million US websites according to Alexa. (The prior rank was in the top 3 million). 525 more words


Estimating the Population Median and Standard Error of the Median

The median can be tricky to estimate for an arbitrary distribution. Here, we will apply bootstrapping and jackknifing and see what comes of it! 384 more words


Penny wise and pound foolish

I sometimes feel that Founders and Entrepreneurs are penny wise and pound foolish. This usually comes from the scarcity mentality, I don’t have any money so I should not spend any money. 516 more words


Resampling and Bootstrapping for Hypothesis Testing

In the last post, we assumed sampling with replacement so we could approximate the (discrete) probability distribution of with a continuous probability density function (in particular, the normal distribution). 848 more words



I am a dynamic loop

a loop that nature enacts
through me
to the extent I let it

a loop that projects the real into novel trajectories… 9 more words

Intriguing Read (Bootstrapping Reflective Systems: The Case of Pharo)

Hiya Fellas :D

So, while I was browsing through various developments in Pharo, I came across a very eye-catching paper on Bootstrapping Reflective Systems: The case of Pharo… 92 more words