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Bootstrapping Space Industry

In 2012, Philip Metzger and some of his colleagues from the Kennedy Space Center worked on a paper theorizing how we could “bootstrap” our way across the Solar System.  253 more words


Venture capital isn’t the only way to build a ‘successful’ business

In Silicon Valley’s Unchecked Arrogance, Ross Baird (Executive Director of Village Capital) and Lenny Mendonca (Director Emeritus at McKinsey) boldly ask an important question that’s becoming a white elephant in the Silicon Valley pitch room: How can we enable great people, regardless of zip code, to solve messy societal problems? 1,078 more words


The Best Ways To Fund Your Startup

Access to funds is perhaps the most critical aspect of a startup’s existence. Without it, no startup would flourish. From developing the product to paying your employee’s salary, every founder knows the value of funding.  510 more words


Ramen Profitable

There are quite a few layoffs (Optimizely, Mixpanel, GoPro, Livingsocial, vmware, zenefits, instacart) happening around Silicon Valley. It is getting really hard to raise another round of funding at a good valuation. 324 more words


Social Media 101: Bootstrapping

Blogging, how to, and what to avoid. A “Hands On” experiment in the latter because I’m going to have to bootstrap this one with the invaluable help of… 237 more words

Personal Issues 1 – Trevor Fraser

Guest Writers in the Sky

Put down the pitchforks, stop with the boob puncturing for a hot minute, this here is a special series of… 86 more words