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My 5 Keys To Successfully Funding Your Startup

It seems as though Brexit speculation will never end, for start-ups in particular, there is still a lot of uncertainty and it is important that entrepreneurs arm themselves with enough information to face whatever may come from the current political climate. 928 more words


Wydr is Tinder for buying art

Who needs galleries when you can just flip¬†through a stack of artworks on your phone, swiping right when you like what you see and left when you don’t? 531 more words


Funding your business idea: Bootstrapping

Finding a business idea worth pursuing is usually the easy part; finding the funds to get that idea off the ground is the barrier most entrepreneurs have to cross.  1,491 more words


Bootstrapping AngularJS

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss Bootstrapping in Angular application and also discuss the ng-app directive. When the document is loaded the ng-app directive will bind the Angular js functions with an application. 143 more words


Manual and Automatic bootstrapping in AngularJS

In Javascript framework like AngularJS there is a bootstrapping process involved and there are certain flow that is involved in it.

There are two types bootstrapping involved in AngularJS: 152 more words


Starting to Start a Business

Let’s start at the very beginning – a very good place to start.

I have a standard 9-5 job right now. It’s very stable and the company culture is everything I could have asked for, but why am I still a little on edge? 147 more words


SIE 2016 Winner, Paul McGinley, is Unlocking the Internet

In March, we announced the winner of our 2016 New Ventures competition: Paul McGinley! Paul is a graduate from the University of Strathclyde and is now the Founder of Pyramid Wifi. 608 more words