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Phase 2, Day 28: Cardio Core (aka the Cardio with the Sliders AND the Loops)

You know it’s a good routine when you fear the “Core” in the title more than the “Cardio.”

Let’s discuss.

The format of Cardio Core in Phase 2 is the exact same as it was in Phase 1: 30 seconds of some sort of jump rope move followed by 30 seconds of some sort of high intensity interval training (“HIIT”) move; do for three rounds for a total of three minutes, then hit the ground for 10 reps of an ab exercise. 794 more words

Phase 2, Day 27: Booty (aka Now the Fun Begins)

At last! A new workout scheme and regime to blog about!

Gone are the days when you could do your Booty workout from the comfort of your own home with nothing but your resistance loops and sweat for comfort. 1,127 more words

Watching Sterling K. Brown Twerk Proves He's No Stranger To Throwing It In A Circle

If you haven’t been keeping up with Sterling K. Brown‘s gradual rise to sex symbol status, then you’re missing an important moment in Black history. 139 more words


#artwork: Happy Heels

New Artwork: Happy Heels

This beautiful black and gold painting is of a woman’s back side and high heel shoes. This painting was inspired by the Divas. 124 more words

Art For Sale

Stretching?! Rolling?! WHYYY

Welcome back! Let’s talk about stretching and rolling.  If you’re anything like me, you started your fitness journey and said, “Oh I’ll stretch when I need it.”  I found myself stretching the day I worked certain areas and would only roll out my legs if they were super sore.   485 more words