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Bop It! Game: Puppy Puppet Plays Bop It! (Novice Level)

Video Description:

Watch the cute little puppy puppet playing a fun game of Bop It! Watch as the puppy focuses and concentrates to defeat the novice level. 26 more words


Baby shower bop-it game

My friend was throwing a shower for another friend and asked me to help her make a bop-it type game but with blocks. I could have done it a little more simply, but I didn’t want the sides to come off since the blocks were going to be handled but a bunch of people. 456 more words


Sedan vs. Skull

Car designs are constantly improving. Whether for performance or style, the result is usually the same for my Too Tall friends…low roof lines.

This weekend, I got stuck in a cab. 364 more words

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STUDY: 80% of Millennials Learned Foreplay Techniques From "Bop It"

SAINT PETER— A study from the Gustavus Adolphus College Department of Psychological Science has revealed that 80% of Millennials learned their technique for non-penetrative sexual encounters from the interactive children’s toy known as Bop It. 192 more words


The Official Millennial Recap of 2014

When we were kids, 2014 was just “the future.” An unexplained, far off time that would never actually come into existence.

And then it did. 502 more words



Tonight, I had the greatest skype date ever with my sisters. It’s been ages since we talked and our conversation ranged from nightmares to funny surfer dudes to gross stuff that was growing in my kitchen sink…but that’s besides the point. 421 more words

Come To Think Of It, Bop-It Was Kind Of Creepy

Remember 90s toy wonder-sensation Bop-It? Of course you do — this is the internet, and not knowing things like “Bop-It” is punishable by firing squad. 42 more words