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Jack Kerouac

The History of Bop

Bop began with jazz
but one afternoon somewhere on a sidewalk maybe 1939, 1940 Dizzy Gillespie or Charlie Parker or Thelonious Monk was walking down past a men’s clothing store on 42nd street or south main in L.A. 1,845 more words


LP Review; Blink 182: "Blink 182"

“Feeling This” starts with a unique instrumental interlude that provides juxtaposing rhythms between the percussion and string sections from the first downbeat of the album. After a few moments of this clashing rhythmic motive, the ensemble comes together to form the first groove of the work before the first set of vocals enter. 2,399 more words


I'm running a PBF game on RPGGeek

I’m running a sci-fi adventure over on RPGGeek.com.


It is using 1974 Style   a rules-lite stripped down OSR clone.

I was torn between Blood of Pangea: Retrospace… 154 more words

Bop Battle; Four Year Strong: "Enemy of the World" vs "Four Year Strong"

“Enemy of the World”

 “Enemy of the World” was Four Year Strong’s 2010 LP release, and through this album the band took the pop punk and punk musical worlds and elevated them by at least ten percent. 986 more words


Psycho Ride

Psycho Ride >> nicovideo

Bop feat. Hatsune Miku


shoudou ga karada o meguru
mayonaka no gekijou
genjitsumi no nai keshikide
agaiteru mogaiteru

hitomi no oku… 75 more words


Bop Battle; Beartooth: "Disgusting" vs "Aggressive"


“Disgusting” was Beartooth’s 2014 release, which gave the metal/hardcore scene an album they didn’t know they needed in their lives. With this debut release, the band came in swinging with a characteristic style that was completely different than everything else that was around at the time and still today. 849 more words