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Bop got a new license plate on his Harley…

Jacob Stories

Michael Westlake Trio

Trio style done right. This is a hot little combo, covering Dizzy Gillespie era standards, with a little rap thrown in, amongst other things.

Michael Westlake, Piano, synth, vocals\ 6 more words

CJF 2017 - Registered Bands

Tormented Love (BOP) By Micaela Shambee

Photo Credit: Tumbler

Tormented Love

By: Micaela Shambee

I have lived like a butterfly to a flame.

Burning myself, disgusted again, so much, too tired…Fucked. 241 more words

The Arts

Creating OSR classes in BOP, part 2

I’m going to try my hand at creating classic D&D/OSR classes in BOP, once again.  I want to run a game at the local game store. 896 more words

Day eleven - MmmBop poem...

Day eleven was to write a Bop poem and, in my usual fashion I have allowed it to hold me back as I struggled so much with it! 221 more words

Day 11 (late) for NaPoWriMo - Tragedy Bop

They launched themselves upon the sea
Escaping lives of misery
For a future they knew not what would be
Praying for safe delivery
They say the sea is cruel… 89 more words

BOP #day11 #napowrimo2017

Many women gathered around in small huddles

Trying to figure out the proper way to approach such a theme

Could it be that we all have the same thought pattern… 160 more words