Motherhood: 37 years/Tucson: 12 years

How have 37 years gone by so quickly?

On Sept. 25, 1977, my beautiful daughter was born, the first newborn I ever held.

On Sept. 25, 2002, I drove into Tucson at sunset. 250 more words

Bopping Around Tucson

Role models abound

I’m old. I want to be older, but only if I can age like some of my new role models.

Who are they? Two women, now in their early 90s, who have been friends for more than 65 years; a couple, ages 77 and 82, former international teachers who are now both playwrights; the former director of… 380 more words

Bopping Around Tucson

A colorful day on my own

My man is off on an adventure, which I applaud. Before we met eight years ago, I would schedule a day a month to do whatever I felt like, try something new. 352 more words

Bopping Around Tucson

Lupines, please wait for me!

In Arizona they’re called Texas bluebonnets. To me they’re lupines. They grow in the Tucson mountains, much smaller than in Maine. Yup, was I surprised yesterday when I came across Maine-sized purple blossoms at the… 201 more words

Bopping Around Tucson

Tucson hipsters on a rainy day

Not us, that’s for sure. I’m a former pseudo-hippy, which is different from a hipster. I’ve wanted to try Five Points Market for breakfast. So we went there. 258 more words

Bopping Around Tucson

Girl on a fast bike...

That’s not me. I can walk fast. I still have a small waist. I dream about being in good shape for another 20 years, traveling, keeping up with my daughter walking fast across Manhattan, hiking in the desert. 263 more words

Bopping Around Tucson

Cabin fever in Tucson

Yeah, poor me. I’ve escaped from Downeast Maine ice storms, snow piled so high I couldn’t open my garage door. Thirty years ago I was a commercial for Mt. 686 more words

Bopping Around Tucson