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To our beautiful “lead-butt”, attention craving, fetch loving sweetheart and the best dog-cousin a girl could have.

Ellie girl, I would argue with anyone that you were the sweetest, most gentle and loyal dog that I ever met and am likely to ever meet. 96 more words


The land of second hand stuff....

I like stuff.

Seriously. There’s not much I won’t have a look at.

When my folks brought me home, they had all this stuff already for me, chews, toys, a bed and things. 88 more words


I am the voice for Alice and Paddy in Brittany - Cote d'Amor

Please take a minute to read and look at two beautiful dogs who need our help.

This is Alice – 14yrs old, spayed up to date passport and vaccinations. 629 more words


The first night....

So, ripped from my home, I was taken to my prison what I was expected to see out my remaining years……

….I’m sure I’ll manage!


The journey home....🏡 

Reading this, I think you should expect to feel it is written from a couple of different perspectives, mine & my dads. Some with be obvious, some (possibly cheese based comments) may not be so obvious but stick with it……. 189 more words


Time Flies . . .

Two weeks. Two weeks? Two weeks! Today is the official two week anniversary of Mick’s Gotcha Day! In some ways it feels like just yesterday, but in so many other ways it feels like he has been a part of our pack forever. 242 more words


Doggies Park Day

Mango made a new friend and her name is Cloe.

She is a three months old frenchie and they became friends from the first sight. They spent a whole night playing around the apartment so we decided to take them to the park together the next day. 86 more words