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Ms. Patsy Stone. The Border Collie.

I love a Border Collie’s drive. It was a bit of a hike to reach this lovely open space in Canberra, something not expected when I made the trek a few days before, but so totally worth it. 99 more words


Koala Heaven

The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is one of the most peaceful, happy places I’ve ever visited. The Sanctuary was our top priority for our weekend in Brisbane, and we couldn’t have asked for a better day: sunny, nice breeze, high-70s (I’m still just not getting the whole Celsius thing.) Lone Pine is about an hour bus ride from Brisbane CBD and we were lucky to get on the bus first, because it was quickly packed with (mostly) tourists heading to the land of koalas. 843 more words

Dog nail trim progress

I’m sorry if these posts bore you, but I’m really proud of our progress ^__^

As many of you know I have been trying to countercondition Kasper to having his nails trimmed since he was a few years old, so for almost four years now. 308 more words


#199 – Mysterious Lancashire - Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill has an air of mystery about it.   The hill dominates the view in much of Central Lancashire, but stands separate from the Pennines, the Bowland Hills and the Yorkshire Dales which surround it.    638 more words


Say hi, brothers

Today we did intro work with the boys, shock horror.

For anybody who doesn’t know, Zoey royally screwed up our plans to have Rey and Kasper be happy with each other…whilst she was struggling with panic, she was very much grumpy and over-excited 24/7. 709 more words


Perro Loco!

This was the only time I questioned her insanity. Her head twitched as if it were spinning like a cartoon character. Her breathing was uneasy and her eyes had dilated into a crazed look. 1,502 more words

A sort of new house

I think I posted weeks back that we were changing all our house around.

The idea was that the two rooms upstairs (which were previously our bedroom and spare / junk room) would be used again.. 600 more words