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A Border Collie’s European Summer Adventure, Part 6: Mostar Day Trip

The previous instalment on Dubrovnik’s Old Town is here.

Well, Mostar, what can I say… It’s beautiful, its vibrant, its where east meets west, where the European Union meets the old Ottoman Empire, where Christianity meets Islam, where a river divides and a bridge reunites.. 564 more words

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#218 – Dulyn and Melynllyn in winter and summer (From the archives)

Winter this year in North Wales has been fairly mild, with high winds and rain but less snow than usual.    Most people would find that good news, but outdoors types aren’t ‘most people’, and my ice axe and crampons haven’t been getting much use lately.     622 more words


A Border Collie’s European Summer Adventure, Part 5: Dubrovnik Old Town

The previous instalment with me in the water can be found here.

Dubrovnik’s Old Town is fantastically beautiful, picture postcard stuff. I admit a tad full of tourists especially before 4:30 pm when the Cruise Ships disgorge so many Humans that I get a dog panic attack yearning for the farm and those calming sheep eh… 682 more words

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Scholarship Test Feedback

My son sat a Scholarship Test today. Afterwards I wrote the following letter to the Principal of the school that provided the test.

Dear Dr. 280 more words

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A phantom is in our mist!

Furiends we’re being haunted… by phantom puppies! April is having a phantom pregnancy and isn’t very happy.

Blue and I haven’t really known what was wrong with her, because she’s been quite moody and out of sorts. 65 more words


Not just friends, best friends!

Like most of my fellows, I have tons of energy and I like spending time outdoors, play Frisbee and discover the world. I enjoy my time with friends at the dog park. 216 more words

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