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Happy Birthday Lola!

Today Lola is celebrating her very first birthday! Baby girl is no longer a baby. Despite the rain she’s had a lovely walks with loads of her friends, a yummy dinner of tuna pasta and cheese and this fabulous peanut butter and honey cake that daddy made her! 12 more words


The American Panda

What’s black and white but did not originate in China? Meet Panda, she is a 7.5 year old purebred border collie who comes from a loving home. 290 more words

Bought From Breeders

Cats or Dogs?

Welcome back everyone!

So it’s time to make it a little bit more personal this week, I loved seeing so much support and response on my blog last week so I thought I would share a bit about me. 652 more words


Pig Farrowing Huts

This morning, the moment after  I’ Press Publish’,  I will leap up and gently turn the incubating eggs (one more day of ‘turning’ to go) then on with the hoodie, the extra pair of socks, farm overalls, the scarf, hattie, jacket, gloves then overgloves then I am off out the door – feed the two big pigs, feed the barn fowl, feed the peacocks and cats and dogs, feed the short fat kunes, feed the laying chickens (10 eggs a day now)  and the cows and the sheep. 510 more words


Baking With Plumble Pie: The Sequel {Homemade Dog Biscuits!}

Helloooo! Welcome to my second post about my adventures of trying to bake assisted by my two-and-a-half-year-old sister, Plumble Pie. If you’d like to read the original post, you can do so… 1,057 more words


Miles {a happy update}

Remember this gorgeous guy, Miles?

I had some news today: Miles has a new home!

Miles is with his new family as of Sunday. They own their home, with dog door and independent access to inside and outside as he wants, a nice big backyard and an active family accustomed to walking dogs each day. 182 more words