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We're gonna need a bigger boat... A 2 Day Journey To Laos

First uttered in that iconic film many years ago, these words had never resonated with me before – until now. As person after person made their way towards the back of the boat, resembling a scene from another nostalgic flashback – Lemmings, the only direction this boat was going, was down. 1,853 more words


End of Second Year

So second year is over, it seems like it’s flown by and a passed border crossings with a C1. I’m very happy with the improvement from semester 1, and I have some very good feedback to work on next year. 8 more words


China - Misty Mountains and Other Mysteries...


CHINA! In big, strong, uppercase letters. And with an exclamation mark too.

We’ve finally left Southeast Asia, and while it’s been a blast, it is at long last time to move on to regions less familiar, outside the relative security of the ASEAN blanket. 467 more words

An Idea for an Adventure, Backfiring

Ever had an idea you thought was great but then quickly realised it was a huge mistake that is now jeopardising five friendships? Yeah, me too. 1,760 more words


Prints in Context

Here is my collection of raincoats inspired by Scottish harbours:


Socratic Dialogue Final Presentation

After all the weeks of handwork, here is a summary of what my team EmbodIED has achieved for our International Border Crossings socratic dialogue project. 87 more words


Villa Savoye on 3DS Max

In my CAD class this semester, I worked on modelling the Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier on 3D Studio Max.

I learned a lot using 3DS max this year. 52 more words