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La Paz to Lake Titicaca

La Paz, Bolivia 

After several weeks studying Spanish in Sucre, it was time to be on the move again. We travelled on to La Paz, Bolivia’s largest city and the highest capital in the world. 1,013 more words


The Crossing - Baja expedition

South – the direction of the summer sun, the direction of the cold-season migration. South from Boulder just as the year turns over and the political season turns over even more. 409 more words

Into Chiang Mai

I feel unusually good this morning.  I’d splurged on a private room with a huge bed and AC and ditched Murphy and Drisdelle to go to bed early while they drank up on the roof, was out by 11 and up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed by 7 am to get an early breakfast and catch our ride to the Thai border.   2,092 more words

Hostels And Hotels

The big Indochina trip: the bus to Bangkok 

I will admit there were times during my journey through Vietnam and Laos when I felt tired of riding a motorbike, the pain sitting in the same position for hours, the exposure to the elements, the constant concentration. 458 more words


The big Indochina trip: taking care of business 

At the end of November I wrote that I had left my motorbike with a travel agent in order to try and sell it. Well, just a few days after leaving Laos I got a message from the travel agent saying she had sold it to some backpackers and now she wanted to know how to send me the money. 554 more words


Into Lao

We’re up early, again.  Feeling like shit, again.  FFS.  Murphy finally got an email back from the baller seaplane company that we’d looked into flying out to Ha Long Bay too.   1,030 more words

3. SEA

Mekong Speedboat to Vietnam

Right from jump street we know that today’s going to be a race. Everything always turns into a race. We’ve got a bus at 8:30 am back to Phnom Penh which will presumably drop us off around 12:30, from there we need to find the port where we can grab the boat we reserved to get out of the country and down the river to Vietnam for 1:30. 2,131 more words

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