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The Effects of the EU Referendum

I admit that I was totally shocked by the result of the EU referendum back in June. I really didn’t think that leaving the EU was a possibility. 376 more words

Motorhome Tips

We're Back!

Back in the United States.

Leaving Darlington Provincial Park in Canada we headed east on Queen Elizabeth Way along the north side of Lake Ontario. This big red face invited us in. 271 more words

Daily Post

Into Canada

The last three days have been just driving and not doing much of anything else. Today was a bit more interesting. We’ve been sort of re-tracing our route that we took from Niagara Falls to Minnesota two months ago. 449 more words

Daily Post

Northwest and Out

In which we continue on from Baku, with stops in Sheki and Zaqatala, before finding the exit and moving on to Georgia. With all sorts of adventures around Şəki and Zaqatala, including abandoned churches and fortresses and almost-forgotten monuments. 1,361 more words

Former Soviet Union

To Panama City by bus

I love this part of travel, John was heard to remark, as we waited for the Tica Bus in San Jose, Costa Rica. Me, not quite so much. 554 more words


The Flow

It wends its way

through fields,

floods out over roads, 53 more words


Land of Fire

Several days in Baku and its surroundings, with bizarre landscapes, burning mountains, and an eclectic mix of modern, 19th century, and much older architecture. 1,686 more words

Former Soviet Union