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Prints in Context

Here is my collection of raincoats inspired by Scottish harbours:


Socratic Dialogue Final Presentation

After all the weeks of handwork, here is a summary of what my team EmbodIED has achieved for our International Border Crossings socratic dialogue project. 87 more words


Villa Savoye on 3DS Max

In my CAD class this semester, I worked on modelling the Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier on 3D Studio Max.

I learned a lot using 3DS max this year. 52 more words

Finished Installation

Our installation aims to highlight the relationship and interaction between the human body and space, by exploring senses, shadow and form. We experience a structure unconsciously reflecting its configuration with our bone and muscle movement. 193 more words


Above is the link to our final video summarising our socratic dialogue inspired installation and the different stages of our project. You can also see our final presentation boards, both created by our computer whizz-kid Rachel. 40 more words


Top Things To... Do in Chiang Khong and Mai Sai

Staying in Chiang Saen for just over a month afforded us the luxury of exploring the local areas, ones which we may have skipped otherwise. Most people venturing this far up to Northern Thailand typically race for the border and hop over to Laos, in turn, missing out a few of the gems that this part of the world has to offer. 764 more words