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Guilt for me is a weird thing. I feel guilty over things I shouldn’t and things that I know I should I don’t. I can’t figure out why. 82 more words


During my time in hospital, I was diagnosed with an unstable personality disorder. It’s taken me a while to accept my diagnosis but I am finally getting there, or so I thought. 325 more words

BPD and Relationships

I’ve been thinking a lot about BPD recently. I’ve written about my struggles with the condition previously, but the past few weeks aspects of my life have shifted or changed and this has brought a lot more to the forefront of my mind. 1,514 more words

Mental Health


If you were wondering what depression is like for someone with borderline personality disorder, here is an insight.

Today I woke up and felt heavy all over, like the strength needed to get up out of bed was massive. 463 more words

Sometimes Bad Days Just Happen

The beauty of good things… they all must come to an end. Hint sarcasm. Heavy… on the sarcasm. I had a pretty good day yesterday. I’ve had more good days than bad days as of lately. 848 more words

Mental Health


Helplessly I stand by, watching as she cuts
Ever lasting pain, clenched deep within my gut
Last thing I have left, a pill that I can try… 87 more words


Mental Health Ramblings After a Random BP Article...Just Thoughts (NOT A POEM)

I read A LOT! Like way more than I probably should about bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, PTSD, abandonment issues, molestation, self-harm, etc. Really anything that I has touched my life I simply read over and over again. 1,043 more words