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Work today and heading to moms and yes clumsy me 

Super happy… I woke up excited and happy for the day… I get to see my nephews and nieces… today at work was pretty good… nothing too crazy… 229 more words


Life's Whirlwind

The people who I think know me, know as little about me as nearly the rest of this world; truth is, I don’t really know myself either, my life and the person I am is just as much of a discovery as it is to anybody else, and I only fear that, that’s exactly how it’s going to be until the day I die, whenever that is; I’m like a closed book. 1,812 more words



“I have bipolar 2, PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, and severe anxiety. I run a blog on my journey through mental illnesses and within my journey I have made the mistake of opening up to people I shouldn’t have. 61 more words

Raspberry Bread

Tomorrow it’s Memorial day in my favorite country: USA. I wanted to post a recipe with of red, and something for the season: a Raspberry Bread. 104 more words


Minimalist Spirit

I don’t know when it’s started but this day to change my mode of life and it has become a big help for manage my Borderline Personality Disorder symptoms particularly when I’m angry/rage. 244 more words


It’s strange how losing someone close to you makes you realize stuff. God Bless the man we lost today and that he continues on with his legacy above.

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Borderline Personality Disorder

Instagram Stealer...

So my boss comes to work and he tells me “I spoke to your sister today.” confusion hit my face… i was like “what?” he said “yeah she’s coming to pick you up, she didnt tell you?” i was like “no.” and immediately i can feel my temper come up because she goes to my IG and she steals my friends or i should say my followers… 108 more words