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"I Can't Help You"

I waited 4 months for an appointment at the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health (CAMH) just to hear the words, “I can’t help you.” 466 more words

Mental Health

A Self Portrait

I took this self portrait the other day.
I think it accurately describes the condition of my mind in my current state of mania:
Calm on the outside, 92 more words


The Joys of Alienation

As I scrolled through my facebook feed tonight I came across some adorable pictures of my new little nephew….
(PS…I have a Nephew! First boy in our family in like 18 years, literally…Born a week ago Monday)…. 519 more words


How to deal with someone with borderline personality disorder

I am doing an unexpected, for me, post. Sometimes with most posts I will have a plan for a few days that perhaps this is where one will go, many times I will have a draft simmering that I will finish off.. 1,195 more words

The Mind

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At therapy we (ie. my therapist and I) talk often of my Borderline Personality Traits. I think it is the third axis of my diagnosis that states a "Non-specified Personality Disorder".  I think the therapist is just waiting for a little more evidence that the disorder is in fact Borderline Personality Disorder (You, sir, may correct me if I am wrong, lol). There are 9 traits specified by the DSM-5 used to diagnose Borderline Personality Disorder. To be diagnosed one must exhibit 5 or more of the traits. I exhibit about 7 of the 9 on a more regular basis than I'd like to admit. The post above gives the reader some genuine insight into how to deal with a loved one who suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder.  It may also help you to understand the disorder and the effects it has on those who have it better.  Remember, education is key to ending the stigma of mental illness.

Self Harm

Trigger warning.

This is probably my most serious blog to date. I am going to discuss something many of you may not have heard of, hopefully not seen, hopefully not done. 1,254 more words

The Mind

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As adept as I think I am with words I can never quite express my feelings and emotions in a practical way that helps others understand what I am experiencing. But these words, on this post, explain it exactly. If you think I cut for attention, or to get sympathy, you are very, very wrong. Think I should just stop? Just get over it? If it were that simple I would. Please, PLEASE, Read this post, and think about what you say and how you react the next time you find out someone cuts or self harms.

Ideation At Its, Uh, Finest



It is important to us all. Without it where would we be? Feeling safe is vital to our well-being, to our happiness, to our overall health in general. 224 more words


Notes From The Moment- Part 2

I rarely write in Pride in Madness when I’m in the midst of a rage. When my body is vibrating and my mind bent on destroying myself it is impossible to sit at the computer and type what I’m feeling. 211 more words