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What To Expect When You Are Back

It is always a joy coming back to your country, after months of being away as a student who studies abroad. You come back to the protectiveness of your parents, the familiar warmth of your bed and room (especially after living in a dorm for the past six months), and to the delicious food; as your mom makes sure you compensate the pizza and the fries you lived off for the past half a year. 543 more words

17.7 million Borders gift cards are worthless

Gift cards are a popular gift despite the fact that many go un-redeemed. Most of the time the cards don’t get used because consumers forget about them or lose the card. 202 more words

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US Lawmakers Push for Internet Sales Tax

Anthony Freda Art

Eric Blair

Activist Post

Did you pay sales tax on the last item you bought on the Internet?  Unless it was from Amazon, you probably did not. 726 more words

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A Book Store...

When I was a kid, maybe fourteen, I walked from my home to Maplewood, MO.  It wasn’t far, just a couple of miles, but the walk was worth it. 461 more words

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Missing Borders

There has been a hole in my bookstore heart that can’t seem to be mended.   Since Borders closed I have been struggling to find a suitable replacement. 169 more words


Store Review: Books-A-Million Opens at Former Borders Location

It has been a little more than 50 days from when Borders shut their doors locally and Books-A-Million (BAM) opened up. Sadly, the wait was NOT worth it. 974 more words

Borders Closes with Strong Message

It made me sad when I heard that Borders went out of business.  No more browsin’ through the local bookstore. Still, I had a good laugh when some workers left this note on their way out. 413 more words