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Terky time!

Like a lot of others, I saw this post from wowhead on twitter, announcing the discovery of Terky’s* location:

Players have discovered how to get a new murloc pet in game!

434 more words

Music of Warcraft Post

I wrote a post on the Borean Tundra for the lovely Music of Warcraft website! :D Check it out here: http://www.musicofwarcraft.com

I’m also currently working on more posts for the music of Outland! :)

Chitsuro: Blobs and Scalpel

We left Chitsuro when she headed to have a rest at a Gnome tavern in Borean Tundra. Awaken with a small hangover (and her tongue now tasting like tin too), she decided not to rush to the necropolis but rather do something peaceful before lunch. 226 more words


Chitsuro: Borean Episodes and Copro-Digging

Well, at least Borean Tundra is not covered in snow completely. So Chitsuro decided to make her contribution to Alliance Northrend campaign by helping the local residents as much as she could. 643 more words


Chitsuro: When You Meet Your First Dragon Aspect

Chilled to the bone, Chitsuro had to stuck all possible fur scraps inside her leather wear. While helping out the red dragonflight in Coldarra she gathered some finest scales from the blue dragonkin to craft some finer Northrend-style outfit. 121 more words


Uprising: Despair and Hatred and Violence, Oh My

So close. So close. Mere leagues from ending the maniacal brainwashing. We are so close. I can feel it.

Vyrael Talanore will be made aware of his crimes. 7,009 more words

Keliera Dawndancer

Back to questing...

Which meant Khai headed back to the Borean Tundra…

Which is just beautiful!

She also picked up an adorable little puppy (seriously the cute pet emotes and puppy bounces mean I can’t see him as anything but a puppy). 16 more words