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Tuan, Nyonya

Terbang itu indah

Pergi melayang di udara

Kembangkan sayap dan melesat ke angkasa

Naik turun,

Putih awan dan hijau daun

Ringan tubuh ini berayun

Jadikan saja aku kapas… 131 more words


My issues with sex

I’m scared. I might have lost a friend. All because I don’t know what I want. Not relationship wise just sexually. Of course I know in the moment if it’s pleasurable for me or not but if I were to try to explain to someone what I like I wouldn’t know what to say. 128 more words

My Weird Love Life

TV and Satisfaction

TV has become like music to me. I like music because of the way it makes me feel, of the way it makes me live what I feel and how many years later a song can still revoke the best memories and bring them back to my imagination. 496 more words


Welcome to my blog!

So this is my blog. The things I want to post here are:

  • Attempts at running something *old* on a *new* device/software. e.g. Debian Squeeze with touch.
  • 50 more words

Pandora + Crown = Memory Lane

(wrote last night but could not get it posted until this morning–nothing changed)

Wednesday night and I am buzzing.  Yep – drinking on a work night- Why?  2,305 more words

Not Quite Almost

I watch Walt and that other guy from work. What’s his name? Kevin? Kyle? Kurt, I think.

Walt and I were going out shopping. Maybe a movie. 86 more words