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Dating or Ghosting

Valentine week get started, Couples started dating each other and singles pull up  their socks and made their search engine optimize and faster to search for their   partners. 246 more words

Things To Do With Your Friends

So you’re in that sitch where you’re hanging with your friends, and you say, “What do y’all wanna do?” and everyone is just kinda like, “I dunno.” Okay, I gotchu. 406 more words


mini catch up

what’s up my nugget peeps, 

hey guys, how have days been without me around.. because I’ve been supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, that was indeed hard to type , ha i wished but actually, I’ve been pretty stressed. 195 more words


Hot Diggity

I know the phrase “broke college kid” is hackneyed but for most of us it’s true.  Which is why I rejoiced when I pushed opened the door to Chicago Cafe and looked down at the sticky plastic menu in my hands to see the beautiful numbers $4.99.   212 more words


22 things to do when your bored 

Being bored is not fun….at all. Its very boring.. ( duh ) Here are some things to do when you have nothing to do. :) … 245 more words

#44 the youtube hoop


Watching shit.

Why are cats so freaked by cucumbers and bananas?