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I'm Stepping Out

How long has it been? Long enough, I suppose.

I don’t know what I’m going to write about tonight, I just thought it be a good idea for me to write something. 937 more words


Ups and Downs

Lately, I’ve given up.

I seem to have lost all motivation to do anything. It started off with my camera, I needed ideas to pick it up. 34 more words


Pretty White People

All over the goddamn place. Brunette. Blonde. Redhead women with their lips painted, grey eyes. The men tower over the crowds, 6’2 appears to be the minimum. 340 more words


The Dress And All Its Glory

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s purple. And, I’ll go even farther to say that it isn’t a cat at all, it’s actually (and obviously) a dog. 207 more words


10 odd questions, just because

The perfect thing to do when bored..! I’ve stolen them from this website: http://buzzkenya.com/interesting-questions-ask-people/

Here we go.. And before you think otherwise, all of my answers are 100% true. 530 more words


Do Roses Really Die?


Is It Really True?

Do Roses Actually Die?

When Roses Are Plucked–

Disconnected From Their Stems

Deprived Of The Roots’ Nourishment

Forgotten By Buds; Forsaken By Leaves… 43 more words