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This is something I made on Photoshop that puts together a few different sayings I’ve been thinking about lately.
‘Don’t let your dreams be just dreams’ means to enforce your dreams and do what you want to do not just let them be your dreams. 134 more words


Ten Fiction Writing Prompts

By Stephanie Bailey

When you have writer’s block, sometimes the best place to look for inspiration is outside yourself. Stop mining your brain for words; stop overthinking your characters; stop trying to force the next chapter. 368 more words


Sorry, i shouldn't be grunting

Do you ever feel like nothing matters anymore but yet get upset of everything going around you? (I don’t even know what i’m talking about😅) I feel so not-me today, not in the mood to do anything. 104 more words


Too busy for you.

oh hiiii,

I’m back. But let’s face it.. Not for good..as per usual. “Usual” meaning BACK TO LIIIIIFE.. Backkkk to realiiitttyyyy… Last week involved me strapping on my big girl pants and rejoining the work force. 615 more words

20 things to draw when you're bored

By Katria Farmer

The saying goes “the more you draw, the better you get,” but it’s not the easiest thing to continuously come up with new ideas to draw.   189 more words


monday blues

An old man walks in the pale fog with a cigarette to the mouth. Must have blew his past away with a good amount of years, never truly knowing how loved he was. 18 more words


What boredom leads to..

White pens are so fun to doodle with, I don’t know what it is about them!