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Current thoughts as of May 2015

Well I’m feeling pretty down lately.

I was on vacation in Ireland for 9 days and in the last couple, depression really kicked in.

I don’t think it’s as bad as the past. 49 more words

A blog about life (my life)

so, i got some people possibly interested in reading,

Well, as a teenager, even just if i think, I demand a lot, haha, it’s funny though i know that i’m demanding and being un-reasonable yet i continue to do it, it’s just i’m young and i want to be active, at the minute i’m lying in my bed just writing these, and to be honest it’s better than half the stuff i do. 157 more words


Marvel Comics

If you read my last post you probably learned that I am a great fan of Marvel Comics and comic books in general. I’ve been reading and collecting comic books since I was in tenth grade and I still have a ton of subscriptions. 919 more words

Les vacances

Well this is strange. I feel like I am living in a parallel universe right now. There are so many exciting things planned for the summer but at the moment I am in the awkward between stage. 648 more words


Food | Clementines

Please tell us what you think! :)

By ebankhead29

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Too Much Free Time

10 days in a row of waking up super early and going to bed super late finally caught up to me. The past two days I went to bed at 9:30…WHAT?!? 188 more words


More Drawings

I just don’t have the gumption to write anything witty to go with this. Chest pains are to great.

Finished these two today at the library.

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