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Conversation 3 with a Gemini

“I’m so bored

but I’ve got so much

to do!”

“So what have you done then?”


And you?”

© Kait King, 2017

Kait King Author


I wasted like half of my life (of this day) in trying to figure out how to add things on my blog and didn’t get the results I wanted. 41 more words

Me Being Me

A Writer's Block

Or do you prefer if I call it the Blogger’s block? How about a blog’s block? Sometimes I just want my monkey brain to not make a racket every time I try to concentrate. 534 more words


Everything is static

My fingers move and my eyes

They swivel in time with the letters

But the rest of my body is an anchor

Weighed down, not getting up


My Marriage is "meh": 3 Thoughts to Bring You Out of "meh"

Many couples hit a season of “meh.” It’s a natural part of marriage and something we all must navigate through. But I can hear some of the thoughts already: What is “meh”? 1,082 more words



He’d just returned from the tour. His young manager had headed home for the night, while he sat alone on his bed, carefully tuning his guitar. 553 more words

Writing & Blogging

Hello world!

Well hello there bored person :P You might not be bored, but for me I always start browsing random blogs or vlogs when I’m bored, aka didn’t manage to make any plans with actual living and breathing human beings. 460 more words