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The Best Motivation is the Intrinsic one.

#intrinsic motivation#

Most people believe that motivation doesn’t last. They are right to a certain extent. In this case, there should be a secret to overcome boredom and monotony. 24 more words


Things that I want to do!

This blog post isn’t about some crazy things I want to do but regular things that everyone does that I haven’t got the time to do. 162 more words


Struggling for Words

Oh dear, what should I talk about?

Julia has put an end to talk of funerals for the moment. She thinks it’s morbid.

She’s also put an end to posts about how she bosses me around. 504 more words



Boredom leads to creativity.

Boredom creates philosophers.

Let yourself be bored, let others be bored.

Boredom takes over the best of us...

Well… I suppose the title pretty much sums it up (lol).

RANDOM COMMENT: I’m soooo bored that I am writing a blog post on boredom. 161 more words



My last writing entry when I’m being a sophomore =)) So worth reading… 362 more words


Millennial Employment

For those of us who aren’t engineers or accountants or doctors- those of us who have to start at a lower ranking as some version of an assistant and work our way up, I feel like there’s this constant feeling of lack of stimulation and lack of pride. 1,158 more words