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Let It Be Me Everly Brothers Cover

I think it sounds better now that A) It’s on an acoustic and B) It’s in the proper key, lol. Apologies once more to the Everly Brothers #SorryICantSing


Things To Do

I can’t count the number of times I’ve googled this exact thing. “What should I do?” “Things I should learn.” “What to do when you’re bored.” As short and fleeting as life is, it sometimes seems like there’s not a single thing worth doing. 480 more words

The Adventures of Boomer on Friday---I’m Bored

There is just so much I can do around here —

Sleep in the dog house, first mine and switch sides and then sleep in the doghouse Fuzzy used to sleep in… 252 more words


Busyness, boredom, and the meaning of life

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday.  I’m not at work and the days follow each other with nothing to distinguish them.  Which days are better?  The ones in which I get a lot done or the ones in which I relax and do not.   1,968 more words

Your phone can tell when you're bored

Spanish researchers want to determine when smartphone users are bored, the better to pelt people with content and disturb any blank-minded zen left in the modern world. 175 more words


Jump out of the window if you are the object of passion. Flee if you feel it. Passion goes, boredom remains – Coco Chanel

between me and myself

(This post was first published on my tumblr account on Aug 5 2015, with a few edits for anonymity)

The ever-shrinking gap between me and myself… 382 more words