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A beautiful end to the day

Today hasn’t been much of an adventure. All I got up to was being tired and getting dragged around a supermarket with my grumpy niece, grumpy sister and even grumpier mother. 209 more words

You're not what you have (you're what you give)

You’re not what you have. You’re not what you have to do. You’ll get a better picture of who you are if you think about what you can throw away and ignore. 248 more words

Opinion Pieces

22nd May 2015


Joseph has gone back to university. He’ll be back again in about two months time, he just wanted to spend some time with his uni friends before summer. 132 more words

Another Day.

He wakes up. It is cold. Why is it cold? It was hot just the other day. It is summer. It should not be cold. It should be uncomfortably hot. 391 more words


What It Means To Be All Grown Up

Do you ever feel afloat and lost?

Everything now has a cost.

Money. Time. Sleep. Health.

It shouldn’t be so hard and yet

Feeling like the morning after a one night stand. 96 more words


Long drive at the early hour !

And we hit the road at the earliest hour we could wake up at! The cool breeze was so good. And family? Yeah, they loved it too. 98 more words


If "Drift Happens", Is That Part of the Plan or Am I Just Bored?

“Don’t you get, you know, bored?” people ask with equal parts curiosity and skepticism.

It’s not an unfair question, given that I have so radically down-scaled my activity. 440 more words