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Boredom all around
Sitting on the ground
The need to escape
Tells the man, in golden cape
I just want to sit, I respond
And so, it all dawned… 6 more words

No interest

“I had no interests. I had no interest in anything. I had no idea how I was going to escape. At least the others had some taste for life. 36 more words

75 Things You Can Do When You Get Bored (4 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Isabella S.

Founder & Owner of: Whenever Inspiration Stikes

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Beauty and Lifestyle Writer

Many people in today’s world lead very busy lives, but no one’s schedule is full 24/7. 1,032 more words



For once
I feel pride in the extra
Few inches

Few extra pounds

Attached to the softness of my belly

Or the roundness of my butt… 35 more words



One night, when the Internet was alive
I went in for a long-awaited dive
I could’ve instead gone for a walk
Or met a friend for a nice talk… 49 more words



I was, quite often, a lonely child.

I have wonderful parents and two amazing siblings that filled the space of my childhood. But being the youngest (and unexpected) of the family, my brother and sister had already formed a subtle bond somewhere in the first delicate years of their lives. 647 more words


How Being Parked in a Bed Can Help You Make Your Characters More Interesting (and Prospects More Interested)

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty eventful, based on what I normally do (which I’ll get to in a minute).

Anyway, let’s get to it. 498 more words