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No more rust

The festival makes study days shorter and more endurable. However, I did come today later and watched the clocks too often. I hardly forced myself to actually go to study and draw Apollo to say nothing about skipping another English lesson. 410 more words

~Study Vacations and Television Shows~

Study vacation is something I have a very strong dislike toward. It makes you not want to study for the next exam or the one after that. 314 more words

No wi-fi. No problem.

We are busy. You are busy. That’s just the way it is now.

Remember as a kid when you just had school during the day? You got off the school bus and the beautiful afternoon air beckoned you to your bike or your roller skates. 403 more words


Escaping Reality, One Adventure at a Time

I’ve always found real life to be incredibly boring. If there are multiple universes, then I have been done a great cosmic injustice. I was destined for a universe full of magic, adventure, and maybe the occasional dragon, … 603 more words


Stir Crazy

Hello dear reader(s)!

Have you ever heard the phrase, if you’re bored then you’re boring?  Well, it could just be that you are new in town and your friends are a couple with a child so they don’t exactly like going to places where people meet. 490 more words


The Tyranny of Ambition.

Anyone who knows me knows I am the most impatient person. I have a little voice inside my head, a little child, that when I want something says, “I want it now.” My therapist calls this little child “her imperial highness.” 441 more words

Rainy Grey Town

In the rainy grey town

I wait for something

to happen.

What dreams and thoughts

plunge nine fathoms deep in my mind

I look far, but see little… 21 more words