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I Am So Damn Tired

So here’s the deal: lately, I am completely unable to sleep.  And, naturally, once I actually DO fall asleep, it’s time to get up and be a functioning human being.   545 more words



She stomps down the hallway, heavy feet in a hurry. Always in a hurry. What could be that urgent? I wait for her footfalls to fade before making my move. 282 more words


Deuteronomy 1-2; Mark 12

An Uninspired Verse

Awakened to the dull
Unending lull
In slogging daze
Of this blasé life
Prompts to mull
Hueless blossoms
In the clueless gardens… 180 more words

To All My Readers

I have been having an incredibly good week. Yes, there were some moments, but I couldn’t ask for anything more! Just a little thought that popped into my head to remind you guys that I hope that you all are having or will have in the future just as a lovely week as I have!



Boredom & Fun in the Classroom: A Student's Reflection on Pedagogy 

Me: So how are you getting along with the course?

Student: Eh.

Me: Uh oh, what’s “eh”?

Student: Honestly, I find the class boring.

Me: I’m sorry. 177 more words

The Monk

53 THings to do When Bored

Describe boredom.

  • common word spoken by people
  • most likely to happen to you
  • kills you slowly

Here are some ways to tackle complete boredom: 224 more words

Blog Post

Late Night Thoughts

I wonder if everybody did what they want to do if everything would work out. I know many people want to be artists and others doctors. 27 more words

Asking Questions