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a feeling of utter weariness and discontent resulting from satiety or lack of interest; boredom

People like to give you advice on lots of things when you reach adulthood – bills, marriage, loans, credit, the right mattresses, buying organic, raising non asshole kids, etc. 393 more words


I seem to get too attached to people, in that, when I love someone I latch onto them. Like when I meet someone and they exhibit qualities I attribute to close friends and family I can’t help but force myself into their lives-as intrusive as that sounds. 130 more words


Calling all 'fidgeters'

By: D. McKay

Let me paint the scene for you.  You’re sitting in class, notebook in front of you, pencil in hand, lecturer chatting away, and you’re off daydreaming.   387 more words


Nothing Really

Today has been a quiet one.

I should have made more of an effort and went out but no one was free so I stayed in. 47 more words

Mental Health


I didn’t really have a lot of time to take a feature picture for this post. I’ve been bed bound for the past 2 days. Yipee. 172 more words

General Stuffs

Twitter just unveiled a new feature that could prevent TV spoilers

The days of temporarily avoiding social media in fear of spoiling the latest episode of your favorite television show could soon be over for serial tweeters. 225 more words