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In Praise of Boredom

“When hit by boredom, go for it. Let yourself be crushed by it; submerge, hit bottom. In general, with things unpleasant, the rule is, the sooner you hit bottom, the faster you surface.

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On comics.

During graduate school, I was stuck sitting around a lot.  Even after I finished all my coursework, there were near-compulsory seminars to attend, and  lab-mates’ practice talks, and weekly group meetings wherein everyone would describe all the experiments that failed over the past few days.  674 more words

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Daily Post - Obvious

Today’s Daily Post Prompts is Obviousand isn’t it obvious I am a little bored. Stuck at work on a Friday afternoon, when I should be out and about shooting? 299 more words


The joke is on me.

Bored. I was so bored that I need to hear a good joke. So I asked my co-worker to tell me a joke.

Let’s ask Siri, she said instead. 76 more words


The Last Day of Summer [Boredom]

I am terrible at being bored. Having more free time in the summer makes it the  perfect time to lose motivation and/or creative inspiration. This year it got old very quickly. 523 more words

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Fibromyalgia and Hypermobility Update

After 6 painful months, I had an operation to fix the cartlidge in my knee two days ago.It was torn after a dislocation in January, so I am very excited to feel the benefits. 210 more words

Necessity is not the Mother of Invention

It has been a cliche that my friends and family have kept low expectations on me during weekends. Through the years, it has been imprinted in their minds that I am in hibernation during weekends and disturbing me with phone calls will invite situations. 499 more words

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