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Why I like to write

I used to write a lot but over the last decade I’ve been slacking off on my writing due to letting work take over life. I don’t have a high paying job or a necessarily hard job but it’s a job and I like it despite the drama that surrounds it. 441 more words

Summer blues

Lately I keep thinking about how great my summer was in Krakow. It was genuinely the best summer of my life I have met so many great people and it is an experience I would do again and again if I only could. 418 more words


Why the Rubik's Cube is the best desk companion

Not too long ago, I was in a training course discussing the multiple intelligences. We’d been asked to take a short test before the course started, and, needless to say, I wasn’t surprised by my top result. 318 more words


Castles in the air

It’s a semi-rainy Thursday in here at work and I can see some sunlight poking out of impossibly fluffy clouds. My boss has left for the weekend and I am somewhat done with what I had to do but not completely done with the project. 627 more words

Tidbits And Musings

Bored? It could be worse...

You could be at school.

Depending which side of the desk you’re on, it may be like this:

or like this


Chimp musings

When my brain gets bored, my mind starts wandering and creating arguments with itself, imagining scenarios that may never happen, envisaging what could possibly go wrong in any area of my life. 438 more words