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Ennui (poem)

Few notions lack romance completely,
But even tiny kingdoms have their kings;
And over notions dead to human hearts,
There reigns a tyrant monarchy.

David Jonathan


Bored this Summer?


It’s happening somewhere, someplace a kid is saying, “I’m bored”. Its funny kids are bored while at school, yet bored during the summer too. Very few things seem to engage our kids anymore. 291 more words


A Serious, Non-Depressing Lack of Meaning

That is to say, I’m bored as all hell.

I’ve described to you friends my college plan, right? The whole thing where I go to the CCoP for 2 years and then transfer to Drexel while surviving despite being dirt poor? 265 more words

The Main Shizzle

Daily Deal: Remove Wrinkles Effortlessly With This $17 Portable Steamer

* Removes wrinkles from garments, upholstery, table linens and more
* Portable design makes it ideal for use at home or travel
* High-temperature steam has a strong penetration that can sterilize and disinfect  334 more words

Men's Style

Last Half Hour

Mondays begin on a low note as all your energy has already been spent on the weekend. Trying to recuperate from the not so party filled time I had during my Saturday and Sunday, has got me drinking tons of coffee and still failing to get completely fresh. 639 more words


Fret No More

Time flies when you’re having fun, and it flies at Mach 5 when you’re not. When I hear my kids complain, “I’m bored,” I tell them how much I envy them.  1,318 more words


Vanishing and Un-Vanishing: From the Monastery to the Marriott

I spent the summer after my junior year of college living in a Buddhist monastery in Japan. In the last week of the summer, we went on a meditation retreat, in which we took a vow of silence for the week and meditated for eight hours a day. 606 more words