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Oh my God, me too. I thought I was the only because Alice Krige is just so iconic. But for me the Borg Queen is Susanna Thompson.

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Day 27, No. 27. The Borg Queen

HAIRCUT 100: Day 27, No. 27. Alice Krige as the Borg Queen, the Marilyn Monroe of hive minds. Sinewy, sinister, and disturbingly sexy, the Borg Queen represents the core of the Borg consciousness and is a unique drone within the collective, referring to herself as ‘we’ and ‘I’ interchangeably. 182 more words

Stephen Carver

Boldly Going: Star Trek: First Contact

The Borg are back. During Star Trek: The Next Generation it was hinted that they would return for a second attempt to conquer Earth. But they never returned in force after… 1,261 more words


Borg Queen W.I.P Update 01

A small update on the Alice Krige version of the Borg queen. Spent some time painting the skin texture and tweaking a few details. The head hoses will be positioned when the model is completed in 13D Sculpt Plus. 6 more words

123D Creature

Queens, Ranked (A-Z Challenge)

For Q day on the A-Z Challenge, here are the ten best queens of all time. You’re welcome, and also YAS KWEEN!

10. Elizabeth II:  649 more words