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Why The Borg Are Terrifying Even To Adults

So it’s been a long journey, but I’ve been binging through Star Trek Voyager because I found it on Netflix and I loved the series growing up. 569 more words


#0480: Captain Picard & Borg Queen



Marvel Minimates are far and away the most successful of all the Minimate lines, but many other licenses have stepped up to try and take that spot behind it. 763 more words


Android Bust

Hey my dears, I know I’ve been awful at posting here lately.  As always, much easier to post to my facebook page so sometimes I forget to post stuff here too (if you haven’t liked it already, please do for more frequent updates!).   31 more words

Art Rants

Chapter 7 - Intermezzo: A gathering of evil

Just at the Doctors had gathered their allies, so did those that were working against the universe gather. It was a strange place where they were, a dark chamber with the only object present in the room being a large wooden oval table and the chairs that belonged with it. 457 more words


Star Trek: The Next Generation

The Next Generation crew appeared in 4 movies with only one of them being a real standout with the other 3 being okay, but could have been much better. 757 more words

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Ye Olde Artistic Method 3: The Borg Whisperer

I have been dying to get another cartoon done for you all, but my pesky work keeps getting in the way! Here is a new rough photo layout with who-knows-what-kind-of- bullcorn-is-going-on!