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Faith Walking: The Devil Is A Liar [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

Erica Campbell says that people like to act like the devil doesn’t exist. John 8:44 says about the devil, “you are the father of lies.”Erica explains that the devil has been using the same tricks since the beginning of time. 181 more words

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Faith Walking: Keep God In The Mix [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

Erica Campbell talks about making sure your spiritual senses are alert and aware. She explains that you cannot compartmentalize God, because He is involved in every aspect of our lives. 165 more words

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Faith Walking: You Can Handle It [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

Erica Campbell reads from Corinthians 10:13, because it challenges us to debunk the idea that we “couldn’t help it.” There is no temptation in the world that isn’t common to man, it says. 172 more words

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Faith Walking: Get In The Word And Stay There [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

In this Faith Walk, Erica Campbell says she always knows she’s not in this alone. But, she says, even in knowing God is with her, she knows she has a responsibility to “find out what god says to me, for me, about me.” To address confusion about the bible, she reads from the scriptures: “help me to receive it, believe it, digest it,” and more. 159 more words

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Faith Walking: Go With Your Gift [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

In this Faith Walk, Erica Campbell reads from Ephesians 2:10, which says that we were created by God “to do good works which God created in advance for us to do.” Erica Campbell talks about a song she used to sing to nurture her belief that she was destined to sing, and that everything she was doing and going through was preparing her for that. 172 more words

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Faith Walking: Attacks & Consequences [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

This edition of Erica Campbell‘s Faith Walk is inspired by Pastor Sara Conner, who said to Erica during prayer week: “sometimes we are not under the attack of the enemy, we are actually dealing with the consequences of our actions.” Erica recalls growing up and feeling sad about being poor, but when she grew up and looked back and realized that when you are not responsible with planning and being prepared, there are always consequences. 168 more words

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AUDIO: Opanka - "Borga" (Prod. by Smokey Beatz)

The song Borga talks about how some relatives living in abroad keeps telling their relatives here that living in abroad is hell so nobody should try coming there whenever relatives ask for help. 46 more words