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The old town of Porvoo | 14. 11. 2015

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I'm so sorry!

Vad håller jag på med? Om bara några timmar ska jag ta mig till Arkenparken för att delta i en gulisintagning (min tredje – och förhoppningsvis sista – för året) och en sitz (inte min sista för året). 204 more words


Porvoo/Borgå - My Beautiful Home Town

I’ve posted some wintry photos of my home town in the past but it’s in summer that the town really comes alive and shows off its beauty. 224 more words


My Old Hood

Don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems like the older I get the more I can appreciate the small things and see beauty in places I didn’t before. 220 more words


The Old Home Town . . .

Yes, the old home town still looks the same.

Yesterday we celebrated Mother’s Day. In the afternoon we drove to both my husband’s mother’s grave which is here nearby and then also to my mother’s grave to put flowers on them. 177 more words


A short story by Annie Borga

My Life as a Loner

Annie Borga

Three years ago today is the day my dad died. Today is the day I’m going to his tombstone. 296 more words

Between The Lines

Encounters from the past

Encounters 15 Conference is right around the corner! This is the fourth Encounters Conference organized by Laurea and Haaga-Helia Universities of Applied Science. It takes place on 17-19 March 2015 in Porvoo, the second oldest town in Finland. 371 more words