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By now everyone should have already heard that Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria on September 20th, 2017, just two weeks after Hurricane Irma.  The island was left completely without power, many without water or access to basic needs. 1,104 more words

Isla de Encanta

M. asked me to write about what was happening in Puerto Rico soon after Hurricane Maria hit, and I tried, but ultimately couldn’t. My brain just couldn’t wrap itself around the totality of it all, enough to form a coherent thought, let alone process and write on it at the time. 612 more words


Una boricua en la diaspora

Hola a todos! Les digo por este medio lo siguiente:

Nací en San Juan, Puerto Rico, donde vivi por 17 años.

Vivi el huracan Maria desde la comodidad de mi hogar en la diaspora. 296 more words



Sorry I have been missing in action… I have a couple of post that I want to publish but with the situation in my country Puerto Rico. 85 more words


Prayers for Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria has swept through Puerto Rico leaving massive trauma. Hurricane Maria has left those on the island without food, water, power, and homes. Massive flooding’s and winds have left the island without cars, homes, and sadly has taken the lives of some. 146 more words


My Heart is in Puerto Rico

My kids are half Puerto Rican. I think a lot of people who know me forget that. They forget that regardless of what happens with their father that Puerto Rico is like my second home. 666 more words



Hola y Bienvendio!

Today, I’m going to talk about what it means to be an adoptee. What is an adoptee you maybe wonder? For those of you who don’t know what that means it’s an adopted son or daughter. 3,184 more words