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Lechonera 46

By day, Lechonera 46 functioned as the General Store.  Eggs, milk, sweets, and smokes were kept behind the counter.  Canned goods and chicken feed lined the shelves.  78 more words


Junior pointed at me.  “Is that the one you wanna meet?”

“No way,” said the kid.  “She’s got a big nose!”

I winced.  I already owned a few unflattering monikers:  four eyes, Cousin Itt, and the dreaded skinny klutz, … 62 more words


HomesickTears fill my eyes

images flying through my head

my childhood memories of places

I’m not home.
No one understands

I don’t belong here

I don’t want to be here… 11 more words


Porque yo escribo en inglés…

Nunca he escrito en español en este blog. Es más, dado a algunos cambios en mi trabajo, no recuerdo la última vez que escribí algo completamente en español más largo que un simple “post”. 581 more words

Life Lessons & Rants

Yo soy Boricua!

Before I start posting blogs under this category I want to explain and introduce what I plan to write about. Puerto Rico is a little island in the Caribbean part of the Latin American community, my home. 279 more words


The Ultimate Guide to Puerto Rican Food


  1. Mofongo y Carne Frita – Mashed plantain with fried meat and broth are a typical yummy Puerto Rican meal. Mofongo can also be accompanied (or stuffed) with seafood or vegetables.
  2. 717 more words