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A Much Deserved Rant in Spanish (English is My Second Language)

El inglés es mi segundo idioma, y siempre he tenido que programar mi teléfono celular o dispositivo de conexión a la internet para que aprenda a hablar español. 2,175 more words

Mrs Enginerd

Kitchen Table Gratitude

Paula Sanchez. My great-grandmother on my mother’s side who smoked cigars and had diabetes and died four months before her son, my grandfather.

This Thanksgiving season (and every day), I am grateful for kinship and time-traveling sisterhoods and kitchen tables in lands of women and witchcraft.


Complicit to a Rendezvous

The lanky niece eagerly accompanied her aunt to the secret rendezvous.  They took back streets and reached a remote house enclosed in a wire fence. 75 more words

Draft Day

I spent the summer of 1968 in Puerto Rico.  On weekdays, I’d sit at my grandma’s porch and watch a parade of children speed downhill to catch the school bus.  71 more words

Doña- A Short Story

Lucinda Tavarez- now there’s a name I haven’t thought of in a long time. Back in the day she would tell you she didn’t have it going on but trust me- she did. 1,501 more words


Otro Food Blog Más...

Mi amor por la comida me ha llevado a las garras de la moda de los “foodies” que tan rampante está en las redes sociales de hoy en día. 531 more words

Blog De Comida


My features have an Asian quality about them—countenance with a yellowish undertone, curl-less eyelashes, and thick coarse hair—so that it’s believable if I say that I’m from the Philippines or Cambodia.  68 more words