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#TeamRubio is taking over Puerto Rico

Have you been wondering why Puerto Ricans have been bleaching their hair recently?

If you hadn’t realized yet, being blonde is trending in Puerto Rico right now. 490 more words

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Up and about

By this time I’d figure that I could have  semi retired. Yet I’m still at it!

A Boricua Ponders the Rise of White Supremacy

Hatred never ceases through hatred. Hatred only ceases through love. This is the eternal rule. – Siddhartha Buddha, in the Dhammapada

The man who best knows how to meet external threats makes into one family all the creatures he can; and those he can not, he at any rate does not treat as aliens; and where he finds even this impossible, he avoids all dealings, and, so far as is advantageous, excludes them from his life.

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9 de los mejores letreros de la Marcha UPR en el Capitolio

  1. “El temor de los ricos es la educación de los pobres.”


A post shared by Jovanny Vázquez Rivera (@xjovanny) on Feb 23, 2017 at 9:04am PST…

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Boricua Tries It: Lightlife Smart Dogs

These veggie dogs are so smart, they came with glasses (they obviously struggle with crappy eyesight). 357 more words