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Brilla el talento joven boricua en Solo Boxeo 

Christopher Diaz y Jeyvier Cintron fueron parte de la más reciente cartelera boxistica de Solo Boxeo celebrada en Kissimmee.

Cintron quien debutó como profesional se llevó una victoria vía decisión unánime . 83 more words



It is no mystery to me that my step-dad and I are not the best of friends. Growing up I was never his favorite. He begs to tell a different story but actions speak way louder than words. 484 more words


Introduction to My Book

Versión en español presione aquí

A couple of weeks ago I woke up with the idea of writing a book – I just have to write, and even though I’m not famous as Gabriel García Márquez, I’m certain he started by writing what he felt was good at the moment. 1,215 more words


Since March 17th until April 9th I am doing a one man show where I play 2 characters. I’m play 2 brothers, they are both completely different from each. 346 more words


#TeamRubio is taking over Puerto Rico

Have you been wondering why Puerto Ricans have been bleaching their hair recently?

If you hadn’t realized yet, being blonde is trending in Puerto Rico right now. 490 more words

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