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Sigue Bebiendo!

She rarely drank, but when she did, she went all the way, downing tart concoctions with sweet names, like Seabreeze that slid down as easily as their breezy names.  71 more words


It doesn’t make a difference which neighborhood you from or what state you reside in, if there is a bodega then you all have encountered the corner boys. 512 more words


Yo también soy puertorriqueño

Pero no cambia mi amor
Por más lejos que me encuentre
Ni el recuerdo ni el dolor
De mi pueblo y de mi gente

Todo Cambia, Julio Numhauser… 1,960 more words

An amazing discussion on 'discussing race' | MSNBC

So this just happened

I don’t know what this woman was thinking. I feel very ________(fill in blank), even though this happens everyday all over the US and world, we don’t usually see this much colorism within our communities. 94 more words


Damaris Cruz (Dama Lola), Puerto Rico (Boricua), Muralist and Wheatpaster #9

Damaris Cruz hails from Rio Pedras, Puerto Rico. She is a photographer, muralist and wheatpaster in Puerto Rico. She was born in 1985, to differentiate between her and any other Damaris Cruz. 312 more words

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Observations 3/11/15

Well haven’t been here long. Its going well. Some things i’ve noticed so far:

1-I went to see an apartment and i like it great view of the ocean. 110 more words


Im home!

So, i arrived today at SJU airport. I was pleasantly surprised at the pace of renovations and its looking nice. Employees and people were in a good mood and definitely not what i was used to. 32 more words