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Boris Johnson: ‘The only reason I wouldn’t visit some parts of New York is the real risk of meeting Donald Trump’


Far Right Watch‏ @Far_Right_Watch… 119 more words

Boris Johnson takes 18-minute hoax phone call from Russian pranksters

The foreign office claims Mr Johnson knew the phone call was a prank – but the 18-minute audio suggest otherwise and makes for cringeworthy listening. 571 more words


Former UK ambassador to EU says Brexiters are guilty of “buccaneering blather”

Ivan Rogers critical of both Leavers and Remainers for ‘delusional’ propositions

Few, if any, current or former UK civil servants know the workings of the UK-EU relationship better than Ivan Rogers © Bloomberg… 941 more words

Brio, Verve and Zap? The Improbability of a Trade Agreement with Peru

By Professor Alex de Ruyter and David Hearne, Centre for Brexit Studies

The Foreign Secretary’s visit to Latin America has attracted a great deal of media attention, much of which has been focussed on calls for a “Brexit plane” labelled a “Jumbojo-jet” by some in the media [1].  1,274 more words



I see the bumbling fool of a Foreign Secretary would like his own plane for Brexit. 

So that’s Liam Fox that wants a royal yacht… 369 more words

Store closures spark more concern for £1.4bn Westfield plans

Our retailing correspondent, MT WALLETTE, on the latest dire news for plans to base the regeneration of Croydon on the building a shopping mall

Today’s announcement to the London Stock Exchange of a two-thirds fall in annual profits for Marks and Spencer is just the latest piece of hard data from the retail sector to stoke growing fears over the prospects for the £1.4billion Westfield and Hammerson scheme to redevelop Croydon’s Whitgift and Centrale shopping centres. 851 more words


Boris Johnson wants a private plane for Brexit business 'because PM's is never available'

A private jet is not too much to ask right..? Apparently Boris Johnson doesn’t think so.

The Foreign Secretary has said he would like to have his own private plane to help him with Brexit business because PM Theresa May’s is never available. 709 more words