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First, the industry appeared to engage, promising high-quality research into the issue. The public were assured that the best people were on the case.

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Crisp Shortage – Japanese Potatogeddon


To those countries that call crisps ‘chips’ and chips ‘fries’, wtf is wrong with you people? The big news of the week is that Japan is suffering a crisp shortage due to a poor potato harvest. 347 more words


UK Election choice.

Boris Johnson confirms unquestioning support for US aggression.

Jeremy Corbyn would explore every diplomatic avenue.

At last we have a choice in a General Election. Boris Johnson’s declaration to support the US, who are threatening illegal attacks on a sovereign nation without any significant evidence, was an unusually honest statement from a politician. 246 more words


I attended a funeral recently of a 90 year neighbour who fell down stairs and broke his neck and other bones. He was a catholic and there was a service at his church then I attended his cremation. 426 more words

The Telegraph - Brexit Bulletin

Good afternoon.

Boris Johnson ended speculation that he had been sidelined in the campaign with by making a typically bombastic intervention. His attack this morning on “ … 179 more words


First as Farce, then as Farce Again: Boris, the tower and the bridge.

This is a version of a Comment piece I wrote in Blueprint that must’ve been published in early 2010 about the design competition which led to the Arcelor Mittal Orbit and in which Boris Johnson, then mayor had a major hand. 960 more words