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Public Discourse, Political Leaders and the Paradox of Blame

If anyone is to be blamed for the Brexit result it must surely be David Cameron. He called the referendum hoping to quash the arguments from the far right of the party once and for all. 480 more words

Six Ways to Spot a ReMoaner, BRemainer, Remainiac and other Referendum Deniers.

Many of those who voted in the EU Referendum, of June 2016, will be familiar with the bastardisation of previously innocuous words. The start of this poor and lazy, but not unexpected, habit began with the contraction of the words Greek and exit. 1,085 more words

London's overstretched main airport will finally get a new runway. Maybe. In a decade.

British prime minister Theresa May has a grand plan to ease the strain on London’s main airport, Heathrow: to hold a long consultation, then maybe make a decision to maybe build a new runway that will be ready by 2025 at the earliest. 310 more words

A breakdown of the pre-vote lies

A few people don’t believe me when I say that the referendum was built upon a web of lies, with both sides saying things that just weren’t or couldn’t be true. 1,845 more words


West is Gunning for Russian Media Ban

by Finian Cunningham, via Strategic Culture

It would be monumental, but Western states seem to be moving, ineluctably, towards banning Russian news media channels from satellite platforms and the internet. 1,667 more words