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How slime flies

“Snowflakes” can now #getalife  thanks to Boris’s genius! http://bit.ly/2iKjlaP

Hold up - Did we really vote to leave the single market?

Another week, another hard Brexit line that few seem up in arms about.

Theresa May’s 12-point plan, unveiled on Tuesday, made it clear – after we leave the EU, we’ll be out of the single market and out of the customs union. 716 more words


The New UK IP Minister has been announced as Jo Johnson

It was recently announced that Jo Johnson (brother of Boris Johnson) will take on the job of IP Minister for the UK government. Jo Johnson is a member of parliament (MP) and the current innovation minister. 15 more words


Mainstream British Press Propaganda Ramps Up Dangerous War Rhetoric against Russia

Mainstream British Press Propaganda Ramps Up Dangerous War Rhetoric against Russia

By Graham Vanbergen,

The British press are in full hysteria propaganda mode when it comes to demonising our new greatest threat on planet earth; not climate change, a global pandemic, international terrorism, or America’s new foe in the South China Sea – but Russia. 1,045 more words


Minding our peace and queues

People are rightly calling the foreign secretary out for his ludicrous World War II analogy, which has offended our friends and neighbours. It’s a sad feature of the UK’s engagement of the rest of the European Union that our stance is too often determined by a feeling of superiority that dates back to the 1939-1945 conflict and which is based on not having been invaded (thank you very much, Royal Air Force and English Channel). 643 more words

Brexit being played to the gallery?

As we tune in to the Brexit show, somehow, it is hard not to feel that there could be a little more maturity in evidence than at times there seems to be. 811 more words

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