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this is the EU – so take it or leave it... #1. a leftist case for Brexit

The question of Brexit contains many interrelated issues that are both complex and far-reaching. I have therefore decided to present a sequence of shorter articles tackling specific topics. 3,256 more words

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Dalston at War with Boris and French over Europe

Dalston has become embroiled in the row over European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker’s claims that Boris Johnson’s Euro-views are ‘not in line with reality’.

According to Google, Mr Juncker’s phrase ‘not in line with reality’ can be translated from the original Luxembourgian to ‘steaming pile of cobbler’s awls’, ‘well minging putrescence of porkies’, or ‘that which vomits forth from the very mouth of Satan himself. 244 more words


Why the UK should stay in the European Union Part I : The pragmatic case.

Polling cards arrived this week! If you didn’t get one, you should probably do something about that. Mine came with the unwelcome news that the polling station has moved, so I can’t vote in my pyjamas and slippers this time (I lived in the same building as the old station). 1,780 more words

Boris Johnson

European Union: A latter-day Unholy Roman Empire

Boris Johnson was right the other week when he somewhat haplessly linked the European Union to previous attempts to bring about a Europe-wide polity, stretching back to the Roman Empire via Napoleon and Hitler. 1,096 more words


Donald Trump and Boris Johnson in a passionate capitalist fraternal street-art kiss in Bristol, Uk

Who said that in politics is forbidden to have feelings and these expressed by this extraordinary way in the streets of Uk?  A giant mural showing… 598 more words