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John Prescott dealt better than Nigel Farrage

Can you remember what Labour MP, Johh Prescott,did, {a man who made his way up the hard way} when pelted by a tomato? He swivelled and punched the thrower right in the face. 495 more words


Theresa May In Tears

Theresa May’s smiling face as she drove to a meeting with Tory MPs quickly turned to thunder after backbenchers demanded she finally quit amid the Brexit chaos, and the emotional confrontation left the Prime Minister visibly unsettled, but as she grappled with her emotions, up stepped pretentious Boris Johnson to announce he was ready to spring into her shoes, as the blundering Foreign Secretary was leading the race amongst Tory competitors to succeed her. 2,375 more words

Exit the May; Enter the Boris? #Brexit

This blogpost was written on Tuesday May 21st 

I am slowly losing the will to live. Brexit is driving me to despair. I’m not sure how much more of this stuff I can take. 1,949 more words


Only one thing can now save Change UK: a Johnson/Raab premiership

Change UK have had a torrid time of it. Having quickly gained traction in February with the promise of a new, different kind of politics, a very familiar set of problems has marked them, perhaps irreversibly, as just another part of the same old establishment. 582 more words

CYRK: Polish Poster Revisited

After reflecting on this project after completing the Polish Movie Poster project, I decided  to revisit the one day CYRK project with a fresh look at its aesthetics. 136 more words


A Needle's Eye

by Liam McClurg

Let’s talk Brexit Secretaries. First up: Britain’s first Secretary of State for the Exiting of the European Union – David Davis. A man about as dull as his name would suggest. 905 more words

Boris the Belated

Boris Johnson seems to be the pundit’s favourite to replace Teresa May (or may not go) as Tory leader. Trouble is I don’t think that it will make too much difference – Boris is career-minded and will still be strapped up by a divided Tory party. 7 more words