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MP’s on the radio become a big feature this week, but the two examples in question have very different reasons…

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An unverifiable treat was bestowed on BBC Radio 2 listeners this week as Labour MP and former leader of the party Ed Miliband stepped in for Jeremy Vine. 345 more words

Does Boris "BorBot" Johnson Really Want to be PM?

Boris Johnson struggled to answer basic questions about the Queen’s Speech

22 June 2017 |Chloe Farand | Independent

Boris Johnson struggled to answer basic questions about the Queen’s Speech in a radio interview. 174 more words


Boris Johnson will not run for leadership until Brexit is completed

Boris Johnson has ruled out running to become Tory leader until after Brexit in 2019, according to The Telegraph.

The Foreign Secretary said he would not run for leadership while negotiations were ongoing, telling Channel 4 News “we have to get on and deliver on the priorities of the people”.

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Boris Johnson gives ‘worst interview by politician ever’ on live radio

RT (Russia Today)

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s competency has yet again been called into question following a botched BBC interview in which the Tory minister failed to answer key questions on the government’s program set out in the Queen’s Speech. 630 more words

Boris Johnson completely forgets all his party's policies in car-crash interview

Boris Johnson has been accused of not really having a clue about his party’s policies after struggling to explain the key points of the Queen’s speech in an interview.  372 more words


Boris Johnson "blunders" his way through "painful" interview with Eddie Mair

Boris Johnson, on a Radio 4 interview with Eddie Mair, “faced embarrassment … through a probing that had echoes of the Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott interview fails”, the Huffpost says. 169 more words

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Alan Duncan says Boris Johnson's Brexit views are "knuckle-headed lunacy" and tells him to stop playing games

The Telegraph writes that Alan Duncan, Boris Johnson’s deputy, has told him to “stop playing games”.

Sir Alan Duncan, a Foreign Office minister, said he believes that getting a deal on Brexit will be “fraught with difficulty” and suggested that those who believe Brexit will be “pain free” should not be in politics.

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