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Almhouses, Annotations and Murder: Spending Time with Parish Registers

  • by Antony Ramm, Local and Family History, Central Library

The parish register – the list made in a church of the people who have been baptised, married or buried there – is one of the most useful tools for family history, especially in the period prior to the arrival of the civil registration process in 1837. 592 more words

Leeds History

“Night Czar” is probably the most interesting job being advertised in the whole of London right now

The City of London has posted the job of “Night Czar” on its website (job reference: CZAR001). No, this is not a draconian overlord responsible for making sure drinkers pick up their litter; it is someone who “will champion the value of London’s night time culture whilst developing and diversifying London’s night time economy.” 523 more words

Jools Holland to host the Night Tube

London Underground will begin running a late night anarchic pop show on its Victoria and Central lines, in response to the high level of commuter demand for a 24/7 showcase of contemporary music.  234 more words

Flib News

Boris, a word please, from stranded travellers? #passportstolen and what to do

This is, in fairness, what you would call a fairly focused blog, because my research (quite involuntary, for once) was on losing a passport in Bremen, Germany. 817 more words


Who deserves credit for Night Tube, Sadiq Khan or Boris Johnson?

The Night Tube has been a big success so far but who deserves credit for it?

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has been front and centre of the launch but not everyone thinks he should be. 330 more words


Someone to watch over me

Recently, I came right out and used the T word on my blog.  Did you notice that?  Some people noticed.  It triggered a global alert. 631 more words


Brexit: the Rise & Fall of "The Man On The Street".

By Paul Duboise

There’s no doubt that the Referendum on Europe stirred a hornets’ nest in England and Wales; it became a referendum about the disenfranchised working class and their fading national pride, a last hoorah perhaps for the ordinary man or woman just trying to survive in a country that didn’t want anything to do with them. 5,090 more words

Broken Britain