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Tory Infighting, Put Simply

By Campaign Agent, Luke Walpole

“My friends”, began Boris Johnson in his 4,000-word piece for The Telegraph in mid-September, yet there were members of the Conservative Party who questioned Boris’ gregariousness. 846 more words

Politics Put Simply

May's desperation for a "deal" is putting Brexit at risk


Theresa May is back in Brussels battling with EU leaders in an effort to put the Brexit negotiations back on track. But whose track is that? 1,587 more words


Some politics related thoughts...

Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to be politician. I’ve heard that if you can lie then you’re pretty much a politician and just to make sure you understand me, I mean the government type of politician and not the Triple H type (I know you were aware, I just wanted to write that line). 512 more words


Enough of the ‘You Brexit, you fix it’ team. It is time to put our best people in charge of Brexit.

It has become apparent that the chances of no deal happening between the UK and the EU are fast approaching 50/50. It has become apparent that the two sides are not simply disagreeing with each other, they are not even talking about the same things. 570 more words


No answers, please - just bring on the clowns

An exchange between Emily Thornberry and Boris Johnson today in parliament slowly degenerated into yah-boo childishness. She shouldn’t let him draw her into his antics. Speaker John Bercow, after some incoherent yelling from Johnson, then joined in the circus: “I cannot believe the right honourable gentleman behaved in this way in his schooldays – or perhaps he did, which may explain a lot now.” He then told Thornberry off for calling the foreign secretary “Boris”. 132 more words

Now the consequences of BREXIT are clearer we should be allowed a second referendum

Reverse Brexit with second referendum to save your economy OECD tells UK

‘The positive impact on growth would be significant,’ influential thinktank says of reversing Brexit – as it forecasts £40bn cost of ploughing on… 448 more words


Boris Johnson insists Czech minister join him in tiny rowing boat

Boris Johnson managed to convince another foreign minister to take a little boat ride with him.

During a walk around the estate at Chevening House in Kent, Bojo tried to encourage his counterparts from eight European allies to get into a small rowing boat. 316 more words