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A long time being born

Admitting you’re a failure who desperately needs Jesus and becoming born again isn’t instantaneous, just like getting born the first time around. Sure, there is a “moment” when a baby is born—that’s what we put on a birth certificate, after all, and I can tell you the date when I consider that I was truly “saved” (September 5, 1978), but something was going on before that in both cases. 477 more words


Hari yang Indah Itu

Firman yang dinyatakan kepada Yesaya bin Amos tentang Yehuda dan Yerusalem.

Akan terjadi pada hari-hari yang terakhir:
gunung tempat rumah TUHAN akan berdiri tegak di hulu gunung-gunung… 843 more words


5 Evidences of salvation

Do you know the highest fall a person survived without a parachute? Believe it or not, 6,705 meters, that’s 22,000 feet! The survivor was a Russian Lieutenant Chisov, and he fell from his badly damaged plane in January 1942. 638 more words


Born Again: 1 Kings 18


Being “Born Again,” in the broad spectrum of Christian lingo, loses power in our catchphrase culture, with “Jesus is my Homeboy,” bumper sticker Christianity. (For the record: yes, Jesus is your “homeboy,” but of course to leave his identity at that does injustice to the man, his life and his Gospel.) 951 more words


When a skydiver steps to the edge of the aircraft door and leaps away from the plane, he knows there is no turning back. He’s gone too far, and if he should forget to strap on his parachute, nothing can save him and he will certainly plummet to a frightening death. 4,473 more words

Q & A

The Power in a Word and the Meaning of Being Born Again

Sunday, I had the opportunity to listen to two Pastors from Ecuador who were visiting America and were invited to our church. I found their humbleness to be most gratifying. 1,150 more words