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The God Hypothesis

The God Hypothesis suggests that the reality we inhabit also contains a supernatural agent who designed the universe and maintains it and even intervenes in it with miracles, which are temporary violations of his own otherwise grandly immutable laws. 209 more words


One small step

I was excited to read today that the National Archives have made their first born-digital records archives available via the Discovery tool. This marks the beginning of a long process of integrating the traditional and born digital elements of the government’s records into one portal in what (hopefully) will be a seamless point of discovery. 385 more words


How We Do Born-Digital (Love Me, I'm a Liberal)

How We Do Born-Digital (music from Love Me, I’m a Liberal [lyrics, video])

I’ve seen the OAIS model
I read OCLC reports… 178 more words


Repost: Intimate Pixels: Born-Digital Content, Digital Memory Making and Micro-histories

Delighted to have my blog post being featured on the Connected Life Blog.

Connected Life 2015 is run by MSc and DPhil students at the… 669 more words

Academic Writing

Theories of the Brane

String Theory is the dominant approach right now, and it has some success already, but the question is whether it will develop to the stage where we can actually solve problems that can be tested observationally.If we can’t bridge the gap between this ten dimensional theory and anything that we can observe, it will grind to halt. 233 more words


A Case for Digital Natives

If your’e reading this theres a chance your’e included in a group of individuals John Palfrey and Urs Gasser call “Digital Natives.” In a time when psychiatrists and neurologists are struggling to understand the cognitive impact of technology on people around the world, Palfrey and Gasser offer their understanding of society after the digital revolution from the perspective of social and political science in their book… 239 more words

Born Digital

Borge's Map

“we now use the country itself, as its own map, and I assure you it does nearly as well”

Ubiquitous Sensing. The number of Internet-connected devices hit 8.7 billion in 2012. 165 more words