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(This article previously appeared in ndtv.com under the title ‘Turning your company digital in India’.

Google, Facebook, Amazon, Uber and Airbnb. Flipkart, InMobi, Snapdeal, if we are talking from an Indian context. 1,280 more words

Electronic Records Day is October 10

I had no idea. Apparently Electronic Records Day is October 10. “Electronic Records Day is an opportunity to raise awareness among government agencies, related professional organizations, the general public and other stakeholders about the crucial role electronic records play in our world. 57 more words

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ePADD Gets a Grant

ePADD is expanding with a grant.
“The ePADD open-source email archiving and processing platform developed by Stanford University Libraries was awarded a $685,000 National Leadership Grant by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) on August 31.” This article has an extensive overview of what ePADD is and what it does, if you’re curious.

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Web Site Preservation is a Big Fail

Librarians, you know this: Web site preservation is an enormous fail. “If the internet is at its core is a system of record, then it is failing to complete that mission. 64 more words

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The God Hypothesis

The God Hypothesis suggests that the reality we inhabit also contains a supernatural agent who designed the universe and maintains it and even intervenes in it with miracles, which are temporary violations of his own otherwise grandly immutable laws. 209 more words


One small step

I was excited to read today that the National Archives have made their first born-digital records archives available via the Discovery tool. This marks the beginning of a long process of integrating the traditional and born digital elements of the government’s records into one portal in what (hopefully) will be a seamless point of discovery. 385 more words

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How We Do Born-Digital (Love Me, I'm a Liberal)

How We Do Born-Digital (music from Love Me, I’m a Liberal [lyrics, video])

I’ve seen the OAIS model
I read OCLC reports… 178 more words