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A New Task Force Will Consider the Preservation of EMail Archives

A new task force will consider approaches in preserving email archives. “While archivists, technologists, librarians, and others continue to make progress in capturing, preserving, and providing access to various forms of digital expression, email has remained resistant to a variety of efforts at preservation and is currently not systematically acquired by most archives and libraries. 47 more words

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A Brief History of Web Archiving – Web Archiving – An Overview – Part 3

The previous post from this series looked at reasons for archiving the Web. It was noted that the Web is an ever-changing space for both new, old and updated content, and the rationale for archiving the Web entails that it is a necessity to record and preserve a fleeting cultural, historical, legal, evidential, informational and social record, as well as to provide a means for future research and analysis. 978 more words

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Why do we need to archive the Web? – Web Archiving – An Overview – Part 2

As part of the series of posts under the category of “Web Archiving – An Overview”, this post puts forward reasons for the necessity to archive the Web. 2,443 more words

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Technical.ly: This archivist is urging you not to put your faith in Facebook

Technical.ly: This archivist is urging you not to put your faith in Facebook. “While the privatization of public functions is decades old, the apparent embrace of this trend by these social justice and advocacy organizations, especially those working with poor and Black communities, stands at odds with the Movement’s criticisms of neoliberal power structures. 41 more words


What is the Web? - Web Archiving - An Overview - Part 1

While the term Internet and Web are often used interchangeably, they are connected but separate entities. A simple explanation infers that the Internet is a “networking infrastructure” which connects masses of computers, mobile phones, and even satellites together on a global scale through servers; whereas, the Web is an interlinked information system which is a service operable through the medium of the Internet ( 857 more words

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Introduction to Web Archiving - An Overview

Despite the publication of Modernising Copyright in October 2013, (a Report prepared by the Copyright Review Committee for the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation), there is still no specific legislation for digital legal deposit in Ireland to date, or for a consistent programme in the web archiving of Irish cultural, social and political websites. 359 more words

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