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15 Celebrities Who Were Born Rich

While celebrities are rich in their own right, many of them were actually born into rich families. These celebrities were already set for life by the time they entered the world. 879 more words


Developing Children's Self-Esteem

To help your child develop positive self-esteem, it is extremely important that they know that you love and respect who they are unconditionally!

It is also important to help them discover their unique talents and abilities. 572 more words

Giving Up the Old for the New!

The crucial element of the vacuum law of prosperity is that I must let go of the old, before I can ever make room for the new. 499 more words

Overpowering Fear

I Have Faith

I have faith that whatever must happen for me to achieve my goal, will indeed occur. ~Another Born Rich Affirmation

It is said a watched pot never boils, and there is some truth to that. 268 more words

Overpowering Fear

The Impact Wealth Makes on Your Life

money (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

In Outliers, Malcom Gladwell points out those children born in wealthy families are taught something very important for their life: to be independent. 883 more words

Earn Happiness

Bruce Lee's Teaching Philosophy Explained by John Kanary

“I can’t give you my knowledge because there is too much of yours.”  ~Bruce Lee

How often have we looked into the lives of other people, and we see things that we truly admire? 88 more words

The Oxley Influence

Desire Without Expectation

Desire without expectation is nothing more than wishful thinking.  The vast majority of people wish positive but expect negative.  (Your Name) expect only positive things to flow to you. 294 more words

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