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Is it by choice, or are you born this way?

I came across an article today while scrolling through my Facebook timeline, and I never usually get aggravated by stuff I see on Facebook, whether it be fake news or what, but this one was a little different. 537 more words


NEWS NOTES: Parish Supports Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" Charity; Other News

Here are some items that may be of interest:

1) The Gay Fellowship of Blessed Sacrament Church in New York City recently hosted a dance party, “ 343 more words


What being a parent has taught me that therapy (and Lady Gaga) couldn't...

I was born this way.

All of my life I have had an ability to read people and respond correctly to their needs.Ā  As a child I was ā€œ 870 more words


Born this way: sexual sin + serving God

One of the most controversial issues that has faced Christianity over the course of the past 20 something years is – what to do about homosexuality? 787 more words


The Morning After The Life Before | The Teaser ā™„ļø


Jamaica šŸ‡ÆšŸ‡² described as the Island with its own soundtrack, beyond beaches nature beauty, colour, culture and amazing food – the home of International artists like Bob Marley.

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Born This Way

Danse Macabre ā€“ Or as I put it, the Dance of Life

Iā€™d like to talk about a different type of dance today: the Danse Macabre.

Which ā€“ strictly speaking, unless you actually dance to it ā€“ is a musical portrayal of how Death summons the dead from their graves to dance with him on Halloween night. 143 more words


Lady Gaga Through The Years

I would just like to thank the people who created this video because I’m not just a fan of Lady Gaga but she became the inspiration for me very long ago and since then i became more open to other kinds of music (Well just CPOP And Jpop) and this one video compiled most of gaga’s songs from the time she went mainstream to where she is at now (Some songs aren’t in the video but that’s perfectly okay) 29 more words